Teslas Single Wire Circuit

See Figure 4-5, which diagrammatically shows one of Tesla's developments, which used a retroreflective single wire circuit between two large separated capacitances. This was the basic approach used in his magnifying transmitter and in several other circuits. Here the dipolarity exists between two accumulators, one at each end of a long conductive path with a load in the middle. AC operation is used, by setting up oscillation end-to-end along the "single wire" circuit, from accumulator to accumulator. Even so, no overunity operation will be experienced unless passive retroreflection of the normally wasted Heaviside component of each energy flow "passage" occurs back from each receiving end, so to speak {265}. That is possible if specialized dielectric material and construction is used in the end capacitors.

114 E.g., some of Tesla's actual patented circuits do it, but that part of their functioning is not described by any vector or tensor analysis. However, a higher group symmetry electrodynamics analysis of the circuits will indeed show the effect clearly as a "shuttling" of potential (regauging) around the circuit at will. E.g., see T. W. Barrett, {124, 286a, 286b}.

Tesla Vacuum Energy
Figure 4 5 Tesla's iteratively retroreflective single wire circuit.

Further, it may usually be necessary to place the individual charges comprising the "current surging to and fro" into particle resonance at either the frequency being transmitted or some subharmonic of it. This schema is doable, but it is difficult and most everything affects it, including even the impurities in the conductors.

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