The Authors Engineering Approach to Local Antigravity

See again our discussion under Newton, subparagraph 8.2.1 above, and our discussion of a negative field energy extension to it. For a major laboratory, we believe that antigravity is straightforward,227 if one first produces a C0P»1.0 situation in a higher group symmetry electrodynamics process. This provides a very strong "displacement current" of causal 4-positrons (before parity inversion, time-reversal, etc.) as true negative energy "particles" or "states" or "Dirac holes" in the surrounding 4-vacuum. The actual "negative mass-energy field" is very large, due to the unaccounted Heaviside nondiverged negative energy component. Consequently, a substantial antigravity field is established.

227 However, this is based on the assumption that the lab team first gives up some erroneous but widely held misconceptions, and really does a little "thinking outside the box" as they are prone to suggest.

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