The Dean Drive

Our second example is the inertial drive patented by Dean {519a-519e}. Unfortunately, the effects of the Dean drive later appeared to be a problem in accurate measurement. Nonetheless, work still continues along the direction shown by Dean. One may argue that mechanical materials also contain charges and have a certain kind of capacitance. Hence, mechanical motion of the parts of the machine does move these charges and dielectrics, opening a possibility of interacting with the dielectric of space. For example, Sweet's VTA involved a sustained self-oscillation between the local vacuum and the barium nuclei in his barium ferrite magnets.

216 We have not yet explored the gravitational effects — if any — of our concept of the triode capacitor, discussed in paragraph 6.3.7 and diagrammed in Figure 6-17. We will examine it as soon as we have the proper equipment.

Dean's approach still has merit, even if a particular embodiment gave a negative result when very accurate measurement was performed. It is particularly of interest that mechanical force is essentially derived from electromagnetic forces (and fields) at basis. These base EM fields involve (and identically are) curvatures of spacetime, and hence the motions of the inertial drive mechanical apparatuses do involve at least some curvatures of spacetime and dynamic changes to them.

Our comment is that, when the additional but neglected Heaviside nondiverged energy flow component is accounted, these field interactions internal to matter can produce many orders of magnitude greater curvature of spacetime than is accounted by the diverted Poynting energy flow component only.

The "inertial antigravity" approach may be visualized as the use of excess gravitational thrust in a specific direction. If that direction is against the local pull of gravity, and is more powerful, then "lift against the gravitational pull" is obtained. Rigorously, this is not true antigravity but manipulated excess positive gravity.

In our approach to antigravity, one way to approach the problem is to have the mechanical apparatus also the source of an intense negative energy EM field, producing an intense flux of Dirac sea holes into and in the local surrounding spacetime. The excess charge removed from the Dirac holes can in fact be used in the electrical powering of the physical system, as was demonstrated in the Sweet VTA antigravity test. Then movements of the mechanical parts could involve movement of strong negative energy fields, hence strong curves of local spacetime that are local strong negative gravityfields. Or, better yet, movement of the charges themselves will also produce field-induced movement of the Dirac sea hole negative energy. This appears to be a practical method to manipulate the metric itself, along the lines proposed by Puthoff et al.217

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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