The Quantum Potential As an Energy Amplifier

In Bohm's hidden variable theory of quantum mechanics {354}, an extra potential is added to the Schrodinger equation, and is known as a quantum potential. Figure 6-2 lists the novel characteristics of this potential, and

158 F. Chen, U. Mohideen, (G. L. Klimchitskaya, and V. M. Mostepanenko, "Demonstration of the Lateral Casimir h'orce," Phys. Rev. Lett, (in press as of the time of this writing).

Quantum Potential Characteristics

• No point source; not radiated

• Just appears instantly

• Quantum potential between two particles

• Interaction does not vanish as spatial separation becomes very large

• Instantaneous connection

• Depends on quantum state of system as a whole

• System parts can be greatly separated

Fgure 6-2 Quantum potential characteristics (table).

Figure 6-3 lists technical features of Bohm's hidden variable theory from whence the quantum potential is taken {355}. It can "move instantaneously", at "infinite velocity", which means it just suddenly appears everywhere it will be, and does not "propagate at a finite speed" through singly connected space at all {356}.

A quantum particle moves as if it were subject, in addition to its external potentials, to a potential which is a function of its own probability distribution.

Bohm's hidden variable theory assumes:

- Particle and wave function real and separate

- Wave function obeys Shrodinger's equation

- Particle obeys classical mechanics

- Particle couples to wave function through a quantum potential Figure 6-3 Technical features of Bonn's hidden variable theory.

Thepotential is after all potential energy. With the quantum potential (QP), a joule of energy placed upon one collector, where that collector is connected via a QP with one or more distant collectors, will also result in a joule of energy (or some fraction thereof) instantly emerging upon and in each of those distant participating (QP-connected) stations simultaneously. It appears that, if only a fractional participation — say, 0.50 — exists with one or more of the distant stations, each of those stations will experience the appearance of that fraction (in this case, 0.5 joule) of the energy input to the initiating station. Any station can input energy, and it will appropriately appear at every other participating station, regardless of where these stations are located in ordinary 3-space as seen by the external observer.

One way of expressing this "instantaneous QP connection" between separated objects is to model the different objects (or stations) as linked together in a multiply connected space, with a certain QP connection or collection fraction. Presence of energy at one station in the multiply connected group, results in the simultaneous appearance of the energy — or an appropriate fraction of it — at every other station in the group.

To understand multiply connected space, consider a single point on a plane. Now consider 999 more points superposed on/in that same point. But suppose that those thousand points are really located at different locations in 3-space, though superposed in this "crazy space" containing a plane where all of them are superposed at one point.

As the ordinary external observer, suppose you input a joule of energy into one of these — to you — separated points, which happens to be the original point and is located in your laboratory. Supposed the fractional connection is 1.0 (the connection is perfect in multiply connected space). Voila! Instantaneously one joule of energy appears at each and every one of those (to you) widely separated points. If you vary your input energy (e.g., as in communication), it varies precisely the same in each of those distant QP-connected points.

Those who continue to advocate that superluminal communication of information is impossible are ignoring present experimental proof that it does occur. As a single example (there are others), it has been shown by Enders and Nimtz {357} that Mozart's 40th symphony can be transmitted as frequency modulated microwaves through a barrier wave guide between two points in a waveguide, via quantum tunneling, at 4.7 times the speed of light c. We point out that this is achieved using transverse EM waves.

If longitudinal EM waves are used together with longitudinal modulation (which engineers might think of as a sort of "pulse compression" technique), the only limitation to the speed of communication is given by the impurity of the longitudinal EM wave one is able to make. The Fogal semiconductor, e.g., can be used to transduce ordinary transverse EM wave signals into longitudinal EM wave modulations inside a scalar potential. Hence that scalar potential can move in the Coulomb gauge at infinite velocity. It requires another Fogal semiconductor circuit on the receiving end to receive and transduce the longitudinal EM waves and their longitudinal modulations back into transverse EM waves for processing and amplification by normal means. This capability of the Fogal semiconductor circuits has been demonstrated through satellite uplinks and downlinks coupled with long transmission line links, with essentially no delay from transmission to reception. One may think of the Fogal superluminal process as tunneling through subspace.

The best way to vary the energy is apparently by use of a variable stress potential (which translates to a longitudinal variation or modulation). In short, one must modulate the "internal energy" of the vacuum, so to speak, and not the "external energy". A reasonable discussion of internal energy versus external energy is given by Chen {358}. If one longitudinally modulates the internal energy of the vacuum potential — which, being a scalar potential, decomposes by the Whittaker decomposition {359} — then superluminal communication is not only possible but also practical. We expect Fogal to eventually place just such a system on the market, shortly after his semiconductors get into precision production.

One possible method of producing modulated internal stress potentials is by use of a Davis noninductive resistor {360}. Another is by use of a biwound coil with two windings, so that the two currents through two equal "superposed" coils are equal and opposite. We point out that, while there has been published much stuff and nonsense about such biwound coils, the truth is quite mundane. Simply examine the Lorentz symmetrical regauging applied to the Maxwell-Heaviside equations. It is the deliberate production of two equal and opposite force fields, which is in fact the creation of a stress potential and extra stress energy. By varying the magnitude of the Lorentz forces comprising the stress potential, the stress potential is varied in amplitude. Hence the concomitant longitudinal EM waves are varied in amplitude. A biwound coil is a variable Lorentz-regauging coil, a priori.

By oscillating the magnitude of any Lorentz regauging (which in the simplest case is simultaneously changing both opposing fields equally and oppositely), one can make longitudinal EM waves. By appropriately modulating both Lorentz regauging components, one can make longitudinal EM modulations upon those concomitant longitudinal EM wave carriers.

So with some careful tuning and adjustment, and a little nonlinear material in the core,159 one should be able to have the superposed appositive

159 The opposing waves must modulate (multiply), not mix (add), and modulation is a nonlinear process. Linear mixing of opposite waves or fields will not cause the magnetic fields lock together (modulate, rather than linearly add) and produce a magnetostatic scalar potential stress signal in and from a nonlinear core material. We caution, however, that the biological effects of the radiation of such stress potentials internal to spacetime have not been investigated. The experimenter is cautioned that he experiments at his own risk, and he is cautioned to experiment only at low power levels until the phenomenology in a particular case is understood.

If we compare the stress potential oscillation (wave) to a sound wave, the similarities suggest that the stress potential oscillation can be treated as a longitudinal EM wave, if the two superposed opposing EM waves "lock together". Simple addition is insufficient; modulation is necessary. Hence the nonlinearity of the conductors and core material is of significance.

For instantaneously propagating potentials and pure longitudinal EM waves, any conceived difference between the two becomes somewhat academic. The characteristic of interest is the instant appearance of the input energy at multiple points via a multiply connected space.

To the ordinary observer, use of a quantum potential and multiply connected space measurably yields a fantastic energy amplifier. One furnishes one joule, and gets out — say — 1,000joules in those distant locations altogether. As shown in Figure 6-4, the QP system is a communication system of enormous implications, particularly as humans travel into space across the solar system and even beyond. Unfortunately, by using appreciable power in the initiating station, the QP system also leads to weapon systems of incredible destructive capabilities. Some five nations {361} now possess such quantum potential weapons, which are the dominant weapons on Earth. We do not further discuss the quantum potential weapons aspects in this book.

Back to our little energy exercise, inputting one joule and getting out some 1,000joules. Suppose these 1,000 participating points are not distant at all, but are gathered closely together into a local material but still QP-connected with a connection fraction of 1.0. Now we input ajoule of energy to that device, and it develops and outputs one kilojoule. It is hypothesized that this becomes the ultimate negative resistor. It will also exhibit separated Dirac hole current phenomena as the COP increases and, if sufficient COP is developed, it will exhibit antigravity effects such as fields to "lock together" into a common stress potential. Nonlinear mixing (modulation) will. Hence the nonlinear core is required for conversion of appositive fields to stress potentials and Lorentz regauging.

those shown by the Sweet vacuum triode amplifier discussed in this chapter.

• Quantum potential decomposes per Whittaker 1903 into bidirectional longitudinal EM waves

• Can insert additional longitudinal waves, thus information using a Fogal semiconductor

• Can receive ''signal" and discriminate the information using a Fogal semiconductor

Figure 6-4 Quantum potential communication system.

Strangely, overall conservation of energy is not violated by the quantum potential COP>1.0 energy system. It's just that the energy now is furnished from space (from the vacuum) in a multiply connected manner. However, all the excess energy is still furnished by the active external environment - i.e., from the time domain, according to the giant negentropy process {12} — though that environment now is quite novel and multiply connected. So we still have a system analogous to a windmill, though a very novel windmill and a very novel wind indeed.

Without belaboring the point, action-at-a-distance is absolutely required in quantum mechanics. Further, photon correlation experiments have long demonstrated experimentally that such action-at-a-distance effects do exist, just as predicted. This was a refutation to Einstein's objection to quantum mechanics' "spooky action at a distance".

We point out without further comment that, if a self-powered process is Invoked in the initiating station, then all other participating stations also contain that self-powered process. However, note that one does not really wish to "invoke" a quantum potential connection and use it except occasionally and very quickly! Otherwise, if a strong QP is turned on and left on among many distant stations, anything and everything happening to each one of them can instantly appear in all of them, so long as the "constant of connectivity" remains a constant or nearly so.1 0 For that reason, strong quantum potential connections can be self-destroying and strong effects do not seem to normally appear in the physical world.161 The proper energy use of a quantum potential is thus to use it only for fleeting "inductions" of effects in the desired stations, in momentarily multiply connected spacetime, at least until the self-limiting behavior is ascertained.

Apparently, a quantum potential can sometimes be formed in the limit of an iterative, mutually phase conjugating operation of EM signals passed back and forth between two phase conjugate mirrors, or among many of them. Such iterative mutual phase conjugate reflection of signals — particularly pumped signals — is technically known as iterative self-targeting. Sometimes we use a more picturesque term, ping-pong, for iterative self-targeting.

Conceivably, strongly coupled, strongly pumped optical self-targeting mirrors can — in the extreme limit — initiate or partially initiate a quantum potential. The superposing beams of energy may be thought of as first narrowing to laser-like beams, then gradually subsiding into pure longitudinal waves with transverse components "canceled" to form simply "stress energy". In short, if this reaction occurs, the energy is transformed into a stress energy potential, which acts either as a scalar potential in the Coulomb gauge or as Bohm's quantum potential. In our view, the pure longitudinal wave has infinite velocity, as pointed out by Rodrigues and Lu {93a}, so Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction results in "zero-separation distance", which in turn results in a multiply-connected spacetime.

One points out that the "input energy" to the initiating station may be deliberately structured internally, including altering the internal Whittaker longitudinal EM wave functions comprising the input electrical field

160 Fortunately, it appears that this connectivity constant is not really constant, but reduces as the feedback of each station's fluctuations to the other stations increases. The result seems to be a "leveling off process reaching a plateau and a fixed amount of gain in the overall system. In short, the system usually seems to be "self-adjusting" and "self-limiting" as the overall gain increases. Nature is riddled with quantum potentials, but this self-limiting process keeps most so tiny that they are not even noticeable.

161However, the validity or invalidity of this statement for some of the highly energetic phenomena of astronomy remains to be determined. It also remains to be determined as far as the quantum potential's role in generating the zero point energy fluctuations of the active vacuum.

energy. In this manner, in theory deliberate spacetime curvature sets and dynamics can be introduced into the distant but multiply connected targets. A form of highly advanced electro-biological warfare induction of disease has been developed by at least one nation (Russia) in this regard, as an extension of Kaznacheyev's experiments showing induction of cellular disease at a distance. It appears that the cells of a living body are interconnected by a very weak quantum potential in such manner. Again, a great deal more research on that possibility is needed.

Given a quantum potential connection between separated objects including our initiating station, one can also add vacuum engines (energy structuring of curvatures of spacetime itself) as our input to the initiating node. Those vacuum engines will then simultaneously appear unabated (or only partially abated) in the multiply connected separated objects. In this way, in theory one can use the QP and QP energy to perform highly anomalous momentary engineering of nuclides, materials, fields, etc. in widely separated, distant objects and areas. By repeating the momentary engineering "pulses", distant objects and areas can be profoundly altered.

The use of vacuum engines in medical applications is of particular future interest.162 Very radical extension of those techniques can be achieved once quantum potential technology is developed and available in the open scientific community.

But let us ignore the weapons, free our scientific imagination, and let it roam. As an example, in the future a vacuum engine (spacetime curvature engine) might be developed and utilized in a world-wide quantum potential to momentarily strike and eradicate all AIDS viruses on Earth, and do only that. Or, the engine could be slanted to simply momentarily slightly change

162 See Vlail Kaznacheyev and L. P. Mikhailova, Ultraweak Radiation in Intercellular Interactions, [in Russian], Novosibirsk, 1981; Vlail Kaznacheyev et al., "Distant intercellular interactions in a system of two tissue cultures," Psychoenergetic Systems, 1(3), Mar. 1976, p. 141-142; Vlail Kaznacheyev, "Apparent information transfer between two groups of cells," Psychoenergetic Systems, 1(1), Dec. 1974, p. 37. Unfortunately this QP induction of cellular disease has already been used by the former Soviet Union to develop a QP extension of the force-free structured potentials method first used to induce cellular disease and health changes in U.S. personnel in the former U.S. Embassy in Moscow for several decades. Now QP weapons using such techniques can target the entire population of a targeted nation. Using the internal Whittaker structuring of quantum potentials and EM fields and waves, electromagnetic biological warfare has already been born and highly developed. The actual dimensions of possible biological warfare strikes are far greater than has been mentioned in the open literature.

those viruses into an innocuous kind of new virus. The cells of the individual human body are already connected, it appears, by a very weak quantum potential. By connecting an external initiating station to that body's quantum potential, the energy of the body could be directly scanned, all abnormalities noted, and tailored engines created and momentarily used to treat the body and correct its abnormalities and malconditions. This, we believe, may well be a medical therapy of the future, a few generations from now. 3

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