Time Energy Can Generate Instrumentation Anomalies

Strong evidence for time-charging and time-charge decay is experimentally demonstrated in electrolyte experiments where time-reversal zones (TRZs) are operating, and thus where some localized processes are running backwards in violation of the second law of thermodynamics. Weak time-charging of photon-absorbing and emitting matter, with special patterns of spacetime curvatures (engines) induced by time-density oscillations and structuring, is persistent in matter, having "charge-up" and "decay" times that may last for minutes, months, or even years. A very wide range of previously anomalous phenomena, both in inert and living matter, is explainable by these new interactions. This is very probably also related to the "memory phenomena" noted by Kondepudi and Prigogine304 as outside the present thermodynamics, but being worked on at the forefront in what is called "extended thermodynamics". Quoting Kondepudi and Prigogine, p. 460:

" ...interestingmemory effects ...appearfor long times (as compared to characteristic relaxation times). ...nonequilibrium processes may have 'long-time tails'. In other words, the approach to equilibrium is not exponential, as was generally believed, but polynomial ...which is much slower. ... As a result, Nature has a much longer memory of irreversible processes than it was thought before. Again this shows that local equilibrium is an approximation, albeit a very good one.

In this book, we focus primarily upon some typical anomalous measurements in China Lake experiments that are directly involved with time-charging and decay effects, lending strong support to our thesis of the novel TRZ-induced nuclear reaction chains. Note that these instrumental anomalies are also strong evidence for the association of time-charging and time-charge decay with the proven fluctuation theorem of Evans et al.

304 Dilip Kondepudi and Ilya Prigogine, Modern Thermodynamics: From Heat Engines to Dissipative Structures, Wiley, Chichester, 1998, p. 459. For a discussion of extended thermodynamics, see D. Jou, Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1996.

at the Australian National University. We believe this to be a contribution to that very important work of Evans and his colleagues.

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