Time Energy

10.1 Explaining Time as Energy 539

10.2 Mechanism Generating Flow of a Mass through Time 540

10.3 Time-Polarized EM Waves and Longitudinal EM Waves 542

10.4 Time Reversal Zone and New Nuclear Reaction Mechanisms 554

10.5 Revision of the Conservation of Energy Law 560

10.6 Some Resulting Low Spatial Energy Nuclear Reactions 566

10.7 Time-Energy Can Generate Instrumentation Anomalies 570

10.8 Additional Implications for the Future 577

Chapter 11 583

Final Perspective: Permissible COP>1.0 Maxwellian Systems 583

11.1 Introduction 583

11.2 Source Charges, Curved Spacetime, Efficiency, and COP 585

11.3 Truncations of Maxwell's Theory and Discard of System Classes 590

11.4 Examples of C0P>1.0 Electromagnetic Systems 594

11.5 Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) 596

11.6 Physical Considerations of Gauge Freedom 599

11.7 Special Modeling of the Vacuum 600

11.8 Every Charge and Dipole in an EM System Receives and Transduces Vacuum Energy 601

11.9 Energy from the Vacuum Powers Every Electrical Power Line and EM Circuit 601

11.10 Significant Developments in Negative Resistance 602

11.11 In Conclusion 605

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