Transdimensional Technologies

There is also ongoing important propulsion work at Transdimensional Technologies, Inc. of Huntsville, Alabama {540}. Founded in 2000 by its chief scientist, Jeffrey Cameron, the company has developed several novel propulsion and lifting mechanisms. Independent tests of some of these systems have been accomplished by Jean-Louis Naudin, and the results can be seen on his website (previously cited).

Figure 8-1 Naudin's replica ofthe Transdimensional Technologies lifter.

As we go to press, Transdimensional's most recent propulsion effect is called Power3 (power "cubed"). It uses an asymmetric capacitor to produce the thrust in space, and the principle has been successfully tested in a vacuum. A larger, triangular lifter made mostly of pipe was demonstrated in vacuo to NASA officials in Huntsville, Alabama. Cameron has patents pending on magnetocaloric hybrid rocket engines and asymmetric gravitational waves {541}. A replica of the Transdimensional lifter successfully tested by Naudin is shown in Figure 8-1, by courtesy of Jean-Louis Naudin. Naudin's replica of the Transdimensional Technologies rotational device is shown in Figure 8-2.

Figure 8-2 Naudin's replica oftheTransdimensionalTechnologies rotational device.

We understand that new Transdimensional Technologies systems, now in patent process and still closely held, represent dramatic advances in the state of the art. The corporation foresees eventual commercial licensing of some of its developments, and the development of practical lift vehicles and space propulsion systems within 3 to 5 years.22

226 Ken Moore and I personally visited Transdimensional Technologies here in Huntsville, and we found a very straightforward, enthusiastic, and hard-working group. We were treated with great courtesy, so much so that Jeff Cameron graciously cut short his vacation day and came in to show us the lab equipment and give a demonstration. We very much appreciate the work that Transdimensional Technologies is doing, and we certainly wish this fine group outstanding success in their efforts. We also are very appreciative for their courtesy and consideration in showing us the demonstrations and for their cogent discussions with us, which were most helpful.

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