Unaccounted Transduction Extends the Conservation of Energy

Along with the re-emission of all the previously absorbed spatial energy, all the previously absorbed time-charge of the excited electron may be reemitted with a longitudinal photon/scalar photon pair (a graviton) when the time-excited state decays. In that case, no energy-charging permanent change results to the electron's original energy state. Hence no "electron wiggle" will be created and our normal "electron wiggle" detectors performing such non-transducing longitudinal EM wave interactions will not exhibit an indication. In short, the "pure" time-charging EM LW interaction is unobservable to present instruments. All they "see" is the "same electron" sitting there and "flowing through time".

However, if two or more such gravitons are simultaneously emitted from various reactions in time-decays, the emitted scalar photons and waves may interfere at some little distance. In that case, transverse EM waves and ordinary EM energy will be produced in the interference zone {613}. To the external observer, these EM fields and forces will simply seem to arise spontaneously and emerge from every point in spacetime inside that interference zone, moving outward from there in conventional "propagation through space" manner. In that case, the normal "photon" (actually, graviton) decay processes plus scalar interferometry have resulted in transducing some time-energy into ordinary spatial EM field energy. Such reaction provides the excess heat demonstrated in successful cold fusion experiments.

This is also a true action at a distance reaction, presently unaccounted in particle physics. Action at a distance is required in quantum mechanics, and it has been experimentally demonstrated multiple times in distant photon correlation experiments. Once any action at a distance is admitted because it has been experimentally proven, there is no logical restriction that only a single mechanism exists for it. Consequently, many of the present foundations assumptions of physics and some of the things previously abandoned because of their conflict with those assumptions will have to be re-examined {616}.

Scalarinterferometry is indeed a mechanism for action at a distance. While still mostly absent from open physics, it has already been weaponized by some 10 nations of the world. Indeed, U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen confirmed in 1997 that (novel) electromagnetic processes are already being used to initiate earthquakes, stimulate volcanoes into eruption,and engineer and control the weather {617}. Whether or not it is present in the particle physics texts, scalar interferometry is being widely used clandestinely in several armies today. It has also been used to shoot down missiles and aircraft as tests. The so-called "Cold War" was not quite as cold as the news media and U.S. scientific community were led to beleieve.

Because of the ubiquitous involvement of unaccounted time-energy in all photon interactions, an extension to the present form ofthe conservation of energy law is required. The present (special case) law is

where E(E) = energy in conventional non-massive energyform, E(m) =

energyinmassform, subscript 1 refers to the measurementattime1, and subscript 2 refers to the measurement at time 2. This isjust the well-known Einstein formulation that the sum ofthe ordinary energy and the mass-energyis conserved.

However, that law is for a special case. It assumes that there is no transductionoftime-energyintoeithermass-energyorordinaryenergy. I.e.,itassumes3-symmetryandt-symmetryinEM energy flow.Since every charge in the universe already violates both that 3-symmetry and t-symmetry of energy flow, the fundamental assumption in the Einstein formulationisfalsifiedbythegeneralcase.Theconventionalconservation of energy law is a special case where only the two mentioned energy flow symmetries are upheld. When they are violated, then transduction of EM energy between 3-space and time occurs. For that case, the conservation of energylawmustbeextendedto

The new law simply states that the sum of the ordinary spatial energy, the mass-energy, and the time-energy is conserved. This extension of the conservation of energy law becomes important in successful cold fusion experiments, where transduction of time-energy into ordinary heat energy occurs and where one encounters very anomalous reactions differing from those reactions known and accepted in conventional nuclear physics.

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