Unitary System with Conversion of Dirac Sea Hole Current

Using the Bedini conversion process, a unitary system can be close-looped to maintain COP> 1.0 and stable overunity operation. The 4-hole current reaching the input section is intercepted by the Bedini mechanism, and transformed to ordinary electron current furnished to the input section. Thus the transduced negative energy feedback becomes a positive energy feedback, by conversion. This converted positive energy in the input section will reduce the demand for incoming electron current from the external power supply, increasing the COP>1.0 even more.

A feedback and governing system is adjusted until the system's converted positive energy feedback current reaches the Kron condition. At that point, the transformed electron current is sufficient to power the system with the external power supply disconnected. The governing and control system thus disconnects the external power supply, and the system is smoothly transitioned to self-powering operation, powering both itself and its load.

We stress that all the energy to power the system and its load is now being furnished from the active local vacuum interaction and from the local curved spacetime. No laws of nature, physics, higher symmetry electrodynamics, or thermodynamics are violated. Conservation of energy rigorously applies, but to the supersystem. The system is an open, stabilized disequilibrium system — of the kind referred to by Kondepudi and Prigogine as nonequilibrium stationary states — as a freely receiving all its energy from its active external environment. No standard U(l) electrodynamic analysis will show this condition or this mechanism, and neither will electrical engineering. Higher group symmetry electrodynamics such as SU(2) or O(3) will show it easily. For a modern treatise on O(3), we refer the reader to the recent tour deforce by Evans {586}.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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