Watsons Self Powering Generator

See Figure 5-22. In 1984, Jim Watson demonstrated a self-powering 8-kilowatt generator at the International Tesla Conference in Colorado Springs. This generator was a modified extension of smaller motors and generators built by Bedini over a period of years. At the conference, engineers from the audience were invited to the platform to perform their own independent measurements of the unit, while it was running and powering its load. The engineers directly confirmed that the system was delivering power to the load (as could be seen visually also), and that it was recharging its batteries as well.

Figure5-22 Watson's self-powered 8 kW generator demonstrated in 1984.

Interestingly, one of Watson's batteries was stolen that night. The reason was obvious. First, at the conference there was present one of the major persons charged with suppression of COP>1.0 electrical power systems world wide, along with several of his henchmen. Since they have been involved in suppressing many dozens of similar COP>1.0 systems, they are thoroughly familiar with both the theory of COP>1.0 electrical power systems and the various types of devices and mechanisms that have been invented in that area over the past century.

One feature of Watson's unit was that it charged the batteries with negative energy (i.e., with Dirac sea hole current, or "cold energy" as sometimes referred to), and could use negative energy for powering the unit. Hence, his batteries became charged with negative energy as the machine ran and powered its loads. After much demonstration and running, such a negatively charged battery has its local curved vacuum charged with an appreciable number of unfilled Dirac holes. Such a negatively charged "battery supersystem" will then absorb positive energy charging (electron current charging) for a protracted period before it will start to change its voltage and accept the positive charge. Instead, during that protracted initial period the battery will just "eat electron currents and positive energy" from the battery charger, with no apparent effect and no change in Its discharged state or its voltage.

A very simple way to absolutely ascertain whether or not a unit such as Watson's (without a Bedini negative energy converter) is genuine, is to simply take one of his batteries from a unit that has been running quite a bit, and recharge it on a conventional battery charger. If it exhibits that two-phased recharge phenomenon, it proves that the unit is real and is indeed a true COP>1.0 device, or certainly has the potential to be one. Coupled with the demonstration and independent measurements, this removed all doubts about the validity of Watson's COP>1.0 system.

So it appears that certain parties who were concerned about that system decided to do the "simple test" to see if Watson's device was real. It was real, and so they discovered. At that point, the High Cabal — Winston Churchill's term — recognized they had another successful unit and inventor to suppress.

Bedini and I were in close contact with Watson over a period of years, as often as three or more times a week. Later, some time after that conference, abruptly Jim ceased all communication with his former close colleagues. For two days a rather crazy recording was on his phone, stating the Watsons had moved. Then that disappeared. Watson never again contacted either Bedini or me, or his own financial backer (the late R. J. Reynolds III). Even Reynolds could not find Watson's whereabouts at that time.

We are quite certain that Watson received the "offer he could not refuse". Simply put, this is the old Mafia trick of visiting the target, offering him a deal, and he has no choice but to accept or die. When this is used to suppress COP>1.0 systems, and some medical systems, the offer is usually: "Accept the money andyou and your family will live very comfortably, but you will never openly work on this again or communicate it. You either accept our generous offer, or you and your family will be dead when we leave here." Assuming that happened Watson had no choice but to accept the several million dollars offered him.

He is still alive, because Jeane Manning physically ran into him at a conference — and recognized him and spoke to him — whereupon he withdrew abruptly and left the conference very hastily.

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