Waves Photons Spacetime Curvature and Observation

Spacetime (ST) curvature involves not only the change of spatial energy density of local spacetime but also a change of its time-energy density. That component of the total ST curvature due to time-energy density change — i.e., time-polarized EM photons and waves — can be far more powerful, because of the enormous energy density of the time-energy compared to the far lies dense 3-spatial energy. As previously stated, time may be regarded as having the same energy density as mass, except that the highly compressed 3-spatial energy is moved to the 4th Minkowski axis to constitute "time" rather than being left in 3-space to constitute

Hence ST curvature can be made very powerful when one uses longitudinal phase conjugate EM wavepairs, as shown by Whittaker {600} in 1903 with slightly corrected interpretation as argued by the present author {615}. Each longitudinal EM wave in 3-space is accompanied by a precisely coupled time-polarized (scalar) EM wave in the time domain, which latter wave is a longitudinal EM wave on the fourth Minkowski axis involving changes in the t variable in the axis -ict. We previously discussed the giant negentropy that this represents with respect to the source dipole. At various times in the past, we have emphasized the timedomain aspects of the coupled phase conjugate longitudinal EM wave-pair by calling such a coupled wave by terms such as time-density EMwaves, time-polarized EMwaves, etc. These terms imply additionally altering and structuring the time density and time-energy density of spacetime rather than merely altering and structuring its 3-spatial energy density. Such time-density induced ST curvatures may be nearly 10 times stronger than ordinary spatial energy density ST curvatures {601}.

Interestingly, at least one researcher — Matsumoto {602} — has realized the basic implication in cold fusion processes of using the strong EM force

293 See footnotes 287, 288, and 289.

as the agent of spacetime curvature. He has shown consistency of the postulated EM-induced ST curvature approach with some important cold fusion results. However, Matsumoto has utilized the conventional interpretation of spacetime curvature due to alteration of 3-spatial energy density of spacetime. This misses the primary time-density functions, but does include the resulting spatial-energy functions after transduction from time-energy to spatial-energy. His work, however, does support the involvement of a more intense form of energy in the cold fusion effects.

There are intriguing but still mysterious relationships to be noted between cold fusion and deep astrophysical mechanisms. Continuing reference is made to these similarities, including black holes and white holes. Black holes and white holes involve spacetime curvatures — extreme, but still spacetime curvatures. So one would suspect that the entire scale of spacetime curvature — including black holes and white holes in the limit — should be of interest to cold fusion researchers, since in their use of time energy they are inadvertently involving more intense forms of energy than ordinary spatial EM energy.

Most nuclear scientists and even some relativists seem unaware of the much more powerful spacetime curvature effects obtained by alteration of the time density of spacetime rather than just its spatial energy density. Physicists have largely omitted specializing on time density ST curvatures because they have largely omitted the absorption and emission interactions of the time components transported by photons and EM waves.

Longitudinal EM phase conjugate wavepairs (each wavepair a coupling of a time-polarized EM wave and a longitudinal 3-space EM wave) of the type shown by Whittaker {600} in 1903 involve net time density oscillations as well as 3-spatial energy density oscillations, according to our reinterpretation. The infolded "inner EM content" of all conventional EM potentials, fields, and waves thus contains extraordinary dense time-energy, normally lost in the d/dt observation interaction.

In short, the infolded "internal Whittaker electrodynamics is a pure "general relativistic electrodynamics" and a unified field dynamics. Further, it can be engineered, which leads to startling new physical processes previously thought to be impossible and forbidden by the laws of nature.

Prior to observation, the internal highly compressed time-energy structures associated with the interior EM structure of all conventional EM potentials, fields, and waves are extremely powerful spacetime curvatures.

In short, all "conventional" electrodynamics has an internal structure of strong spacetime curvatures and dynamics.

Organization and patterning impressed on, or inserted in, this internal structuring can provide extraordinary actions in materials, living biological systems, cells, etc. Adding deterministic structuring inside these normal EM entities is referred to by Russian energetics weapon scientists as engineering the information content of the field. This is the approach behind deliberate engineering of spacetime curvature engines, or vacuum engines — or just "engines" for short.

In theory, any physical change to a mass can be engineered by inserting such "engines" into the mass. Any mass-energy is a mass-energy EM potential with an internal structuring (engine) for all the mass's internal dynamics. This engine is referred to as the resident engine of that mass (and all its dynamics). Introducing to a given mass a potential with a desired "delta engine" structure, results in the superposition of the two potentials, resulting in exchange sharing of the engines. In that manner, a desired "delta engine" diffuses into the mass's potential structure and its resident engine, changing it to a new resident engine which now acts on the mass at every level to change it. Potentials superpose, and their engines diffuse and superpose as well. Direct engineering of matter — even inside the nuclei and inside the nucleons themselves — can be performed by introducing the desired engine or engines for the changes desired.

This area has been highly weaponized by one or more nations. E.g., the Russians — in several decades of so-called "microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow — induced health changes and diseases in U.S. personnel in the Embassy by inducing deliberate "disease engines". Such EM-induced diseases and health changes were generated in the zones where the potentials were field-free, and therefore stable for stable engine diffusion.

Note that the common scalar potential decomposes by Whittaker's 1903 decomposition {600} into the longitudinal EM wavepairs we are speaking of. Also note that, per a second paper by Whittaker in 1904 {91b} that initiated superpotential theory, all EM fields and waves can be decomposed into two scalar potential functions. Each of those base potentials involved in the potential functions further decomposes by Whittaker 1903 into a harmonic set of phase conjugate longitudinal EM wavepairs as previously discussed. Therefore, the infolded EM inside all the "conventional" EM fields, waves and potentials is indeed a highly organized set of such bidirectional longitudinal EM wavepairs and thus a highly organized set of extreme localized ST curvatures. In other words, it is comprised of these special "engines" of deterministic spacetime curvatures and their dynamics.

Constructing the potential by assembling one's own set of phase conjugate longitudinal EM wavepairs to form it, one can insert any kind of ST curvature set — any kind of vacuum engine desired — inside the base potential(s), hence inside the two potential functions comprising a given set of EM fields and waves utilized as "carriers". The specific internal structure of a "carrier" radiation field or potential designed to carry such engines is called the "information content of the field".294 The Russians have long had a disinformation campaign to suggest that the term refers to conventional spectral analysis. It does not.

Johns Hopkins scientists did detailed measurements inside the Embassy and confirmed that all the anomalous health changes and diseases had occurred only in areas where the EM fields B and E were absent. That is, the health changes occurred only where the potentials were field-free and therefore stable and unchanging, so that an exposed body was immersed in a steady sea of "vacuum engines" being diffused throughout the targeted body's EM potentials in and on its cells, its cellular membranes, etc.

In general relativistic terms, every physical set of changes and altered dynamics (syndrome) of a specific disease has a specific delta set of spacetime curvatures and dynamics associated with it, which interacts on the body, its chemistry, its electrodynamics, its cells, etc. A desired set of

29'4 Indeed, in theory one can construct, functioning robotic systems of these internal engines. In clandestine Russian weapon research, it appears that at least elementary "causal robots" of such internal engine type have been developed and tested. In a sense, these are the ultimate "nanobots" made of infolded longitudinal EM waves and their dynamics. In theory, command and control functions (via longitudinal EM wave communication) can be included, as can certain kinds of weapons effects based on scalar interferometry. The eventual development of such startling weapons seems intended to produce an army of eerie "internal EM" robots which can be "sent in"' through the interior of EM fields, waves, and potentials, to targets anywhere on earth, beneath its surface, in space, or beneath the ocean. This may be intended to become the ultimate robot or "high tech" warfare, and it is also the ultimate "information" warfare. There are no shields against this type weaponry. Defense, however, is accomplished by first using longitudinal wave "scanning" to pick up and track the systems, much like radar picking up aircraft. Once detected, scalar interferometry is utilized to disrupt and destroy them in place. Progress on these robotic weapon systems appears to be well along, as does progress on their countering longitudinal EM wave weapons.

ST curvature deltas for a given disease was inserted inside the base potentials in a combined Whittaker 1903 and 1904 decomposition of the stable field-free potentials in the Embassy. The Russians thus induced the desired engines for induction of the specifically desired disease(s) in the assigned personnel in those field-free potential zones in the Embassy. The purpose was to use the tests as (i) a guaranteed means to provoke high level U.S. governmental attention, and (ii) a probe to see if the U.S. knew about such technology and had developed defenses. Other tests of such disease induction in entire populations have also been conducted, but these are beyond the scope of this book.

We point out one very important thing: the cells of the body have their normal "resident engines" and resident engine dynamics inside their internal fields and potentials and waves. For any specific disease or disorder condition, there exists a specific associated change (delta) in the normal set of vacuum engines and their dynamics, in the cells and the body. In short, there exists a specific "delta engine" for any cellular disease or disorder, added to the normal engine.

It is not the immune system that heals. Instead, it is the cellular regenerative system. The natural healing method used by the cellular regenerative system is not chemical. The regenerative system uses the phase conjugate wavepair composition of increased scalar potentials (on cellular membranes and every part of the cell) to "pump" the cells in the time-domain. This creates an "anti-engine" for the specific disease delta or disorder, and it slightly amplifies this anti-engine within the limited capabilities of the body. This action places this amplified anti-engine also into the stricken cells' engine complex. Engines superpose, just as do potentials. This action by the regenerative system has the effect of slowly producing complex anti-forces in the body and inside the cells themselves, eliminating the detrimental engine delta, restoring the normal resident engine and thus time-reversing the stricken cells back to a previous healthy condition. It does not kill pathogens at all; that is the function of the immune system. In the 1960s and early 1970s, Antoine Priore in France demonstrated remarkable cures of terminal tumors, infectious diseases, clogged arteries, and other disorders in laboratory animals,295 unwittingly

295 See (a) A. Priore, Guerison de la Trypanosomiase Experimental Aigue et Chronique par L 'action Combinee de Champs Magnetiques et D 'Ondes Electromagnetiques Modules [Healing of intense and chronic experimental trypanosomiasis by the combined action of magnetic fields and modulated electromagnetic waves], Priore's thesis submitted in candidacy for the doctoral degree, 1973. The thesis was rejected when the project was suppressed. See also (b)

amplifying the body's own master regenerative mechanism. His work was suppressed in the mid-70s.

Check our website, www.cheniere.org, for a 119-slide "porthole" briefing on the present author's extension whereby specialized mixes of ordinary EM waves can be used to initiate and perform this "delta engine elimination" healing process, and it can be highly amplified well beyond the body's normal healing capabilities.

In 1998 we seriously proposed to the DoD, the USAF, the NIH, and other U.S. government institutions that a crash development program be initiated to develop portable units capable of rapidly (5 minutes per patient) treating mass casualties from coming terrorist attacks with weapons of mass destruction such as anthrax, smallpox, bubonic plague, Ebola virus, etc. Sadly, no one in the U.S. government had the foggiest notion of what we

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were discussing. At NIH, we never got out of their "policy" (i.e., "spin control") department. Not a single capable scientist reviewed the extensive package. The attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001 is just a forerunner of that which is to come. We could have been prepared to save hundreds of thousands of Americans, even millions. We shall not be ready, and the first really professional anthrax or smallpox (or camel pox, which is easily available and almost exactly the same as smallpox) attack on a major U.S. population center may leave from one to three million Americans dying in the streets and in their homes. Presently nothing will save them. It could have been different.

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