Steam Gasification of Biomass

Along with the commercial methods of biomass utilization, this can be used to produce hydrogen via pyrolysis and gasification. Coke, methanol and primary gases are obtained in the first stage. In the second, the reaction with (air) oxygen and/or steam results in a mixture of 20% H2, 20% CO, 10% CO2, almost 5% CH4 and 45% N2. Using pure oxygen or steam only eliminates the nitrogen component. The transformation of this gas mix into hydrogen rich gas is named, depending on the feedstock, gasification (solids) or reforming (gas). Endothermic reactions of hydrocarbons with steam create synthetic gases with high hydrogen content, whereby the so called shift reaction (CO + H2O —*C02 + H2) can be used to alter the molar CO/H2 ratio. The hydrogen content of the gas is determined by the process parameters "pressure and temperature".

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