European Chemical Industry

Drogaris (1993) [36] lists accident case histories from the 1980's for the European chemical industry. Nine of the 121 event descriptions discussed in the compilation included hydrogen as a combustible material. Three of those nine reports dealt with hydrogen as the primary (largest quantity or initial) substance involved in the accident. Briefly, these events were:

■ 1985, sulfuric acid corrosion generated hydrogen gas in a tank at a fertilizer plant; the gas was ignited by an oxy-acetylene weld cutter flame (2 fatalities).

■ 1988, an ammonia synthesis reactor had a hydrogen explosion during low pressure testing. The reactor had been leaking from some flanges and was undergoing a retest (1 fatality).

■ 1989, a hydrogenated alcohol plant had a relief valve on a tank under inspection, hydrogen leaked from the valve under inspection. The hydrogen ignited in a jet fire (4 fatalities).

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