This chapter presents the quantitative risk assessment (QRA) results for the study objects described in the Chapter 3. They were obtained using the methods described in the Chapter 4. Firstly, accident scenarios for the study objects were identified using the FMEA method. The frequencies of the undesired events were estimated using a combination of fault tree and event tree analysis. Frequencies for the hydrogen road transport and on-board storages were estimated from the accident rate data (see section 4.4.3) combined with event tree analyses. Consequences of the undesired events were simulated with the PHAST professional version 6.4 developed by DNV Software (UK). The consequence and frequency analysis results were then combined to estimate the risk to the environment. The estimated risks were then compared with the risk acceptance criteria given by [83, 172, 243, 221]. The results are presented in the form of tables and graphs.

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