Risk Estimation Results

In order to calculate the risk associated with the hydrogen study objects the consequence results (Section 5.4) and their respective frequencies (Section 5.3) have to be combined. Together with additional data (e.g. population density) they are superimposed on the population to calculate the fatality risk in the surrounding area. In calculating the distribution of the risk effects on the local area, the method uses a grid superimposed on the area, as a structure for the calculations of the risk at different locations, and of the number of people affected by a given flammable effect zone. All the flammable impacts are modelled by superimposing the appropriate effect zones for the release onto the risk grid. In addition to that, particularly in the hydrogen transportation (i.e. LH2 tanker truck and GH2 pipeline) the risk is calculated for different route segments along the transportation route. This section presents the risk estimation results for the hydrogen study objects. The risks are mainly presented in the forms of individual and societal risk (F-N curve). Summary of the risk calculation results are presented in Appendix H.

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