Structure of the Dissertation

This dissertation focuses on quantitative risk assessment of the hydrogen cycle for energetic uses. It is divided into six chapters. The first chapter discusses for study background, goals, methodology, scope of work, and barriers of the study. The second chapter provides a brief introduction to a hydrogen energy economy. Chapter 3 describes in detail the hydrogen study objects considered in the study. Chapter 4 describes how to estimate the risk by introduction of a quantitative risk assessment (QRA) method. This chapter is divided into five main sections, hazard identification method, estimating frequency, consequence modelling, risk estimation and risk evaluation. In Chapter 5 the QRA results and risk evaluations are presented. It includes frequency estimation results, consequence modelling results, and the estimated risks in the form of individual and societal risk. This chapter introduces the term "tolerable risk". Any risk assessment must compare the risk analysis result with tolerable risk levels accepted by society. Chapter 6 contains summary of the results and the outlooks.

The dissertation has eight appendices. The first appendix (Appendix A) presents table of hydrogen properties. It includes leak properties, combustion properties, and hydrogen embrittlement. The Appendix B presents a brief description of the hydrogen production technologies. Summary of the hydrogen related accidents are presented in the Appendix C. Appendix D presents standards, codes, and regulations related to hydrogen. The brief description of the consequence model used in the study is presented in Appendix E. Appendix F presents the fault tree method (analytical approach) used in the study. The Appendix G presents fault tree analysis (FTA) of the hydrogen study objects. Finally, the last appendix (Appendix H) presents the summary of the risk calculation results.

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