What is claimed is:

In a structure of the kind described, a V-shaped cylinder block provided with upwardly divergent cylinders, end heads fitted to said cylinders at opposite ends thereof, each head having valved inlets and outlets, a main outlet lead between the cylinders of the block for a storage tank and having lateral branches to the outlets at the inner sides of said heads, one inlet being located at the centre of each head at the outer ends of said cylinders while the remaining inlets are at the outer sides of the heads at the inner ends of said cylinders, a substantially V-shaped crank case fitted to the block beneath the cylinders, a counterbalanced crank shaft journaled in the crank case, pistons operating in the cylinders and having rods extended into the crank case, crosshead guides fitted to the interior sides of said case, crossheads connecting the rods with the guides and sliding on them and connecting rods operated by the crank shaft and pivoted at the crossheads in order to allow reciprocation of the pistons.

You will notice that Bob has avoided any direct mention of the fact that his engine design is fuel-less. That sort of statement is not popular with Patent Examiners even if it is perfectly true.

This system could do with some further explanation, so here is an idea from Scott Robertson whose web site is, for a possible working compressor system using a leaf-blower:

Air Intake

Air Intake

While this looks rather complicated, in reality it really isn't. Let's take the different sections in order:

First, you have an ordinary air engine, supplied with compressed air from a pressure tank. This engine exhausts its (cold, expanded) air to the atmosphere. The engine powers two compressors which between them keep the tank full of compressed air.

Air Intake

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