Diode Rectifier Bridge Assembly

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Rectifier Operation:
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Two diodes are connected to each stator lead. One positive the other negative. Because a single diode will only block half of the AC voltage, six or eight diodes are used to rectify the AC stator voltage to DC voltage.

Diodes used in this configuration will redirect both the positive and negative parts of the AC voltage in order to produce a better DC voltage waveform. This process is called 'Full - Wave Rectification'.



Diodes are used as one-way electrical check valves. They pass current in only one direction, and never in the other direction. Diodes are mounted in a heat sink to dissipate the heat generated by the current flow. Diodes redirect the AC voltage and convert it into DC voltage, so the battery receives the correct polarity.

Rectifier Operation:

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The red path is the positive current passing through the rectifier as it goes to the positive battery terminal. The path shown in green completes the circuit.

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As the rotor continues its movement, the voltages generated in the three windings, change in polarity. The battery is still fed current, but now a different winding feeds it. Again, the red path shows the current flow to the battery and the green path shows how the circuit is completed. The same charging continues even though different windings and diodes are being used.

Electronic Regulator

Electronic Regulator

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The regulator attempts to maintain a set charging voltage. If the charging voltage falls below this point, the regulator increases the field current, which strengthens the magnetic field, resulting in a raising of the alternator output voltage.

If the charging voltage rises above this point, the regulator decreases the field current , thus weakening the magnetic field, producing a lowering of the alternator output voltage.

Regulator Types:

Two regulator designs can be used. The first type is:

The Grounded Regulator type. This type of regulator controls the amount of current flowing through the battery ground (negative) into the field winding in the rotor:



Free Energy With Diodes

The second type is:

The Grounded Field type. This type of regulator controls the amount of current flowing from the Battery Positive ('B+') into the field winding in the rotor.

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