We now come to the question which is often asked, namely, "why does this machine work at all?". Without any shadow of doubt, when spun at a high rate of revolutions per minute, a one-kilogram mass produces literally tons of pressure on the inner walls of a surrounding cylinder. Given cone-

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shaped inner walls, there is not the slightest doubt that a flowing mass of water will press outwards from a narrow radius towards a wider radius. Also, without question, is the fact that this flow can generate mechanical turning momentum via turbine-blades as a side-effect. What needs to be determined through experiment, is the optimum energy draw-off and distance between the turbine cone and the conical inner wall of the housing. What is absolutely certain is that the turbine will not require the entire kinetic energy produced to power itself.

Because water has 'cohesive consistency', any flow along the conical wall produces a suction effect on the water below it. This means that the flow-pressure is like flow-suction and so produces a closed flow-circuit. Backflow must be organized with the lowest level of friction losses and should be 'force-neutral', requiring no energy input to function as required. It is important that the water being channelled to the narrow radius inlet does not oppose the centrifugal forces operating the turbine.

When these design parameters are applied, a steady circuit flow with excess energy generation is possible. The dynamic pressure of the 'water-fall' of the water (which has considerable weight) is converted into mechanical turning momentum, and after that the water must continue its flow in an 'energy-neutral' way as it is guided inwards to the inlet-area. Various constructional measurements were given in the above example of how this motion principle operates. However, it should be realised that those measurements were just presented as an illustration of the principles involved and many alternative dimensions may be used when a turbine of this type is being constructed. The following design also illustrates an effective working design.

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