I and 2 are alternating current feed wires supplying 110 volts 60 cycles to a high frequency generator. 3 is a switch with poles 4 and 5.

6 and 7 are connections of high frequency transformer 8 for stepping up the frequency to 500 KHz and the voltage to say 100 KV.

9 is an inductance coil.

10 is a spark gap.

II is a variable capacitor.

12 is the primary winding of transformer 8.

13 is the secondary winding of transformer 8 which is connected through wire 15 via variable capacitor 16 and wire 17 to ground 18.

14 is the wire from the other side of the secondary winding of transformer 8 connecting it to the main transmission antenna 19 which is supported by insulating means 20.

21 is spark gap from transmission antenna 19 to ground through wire 22, variable capacitor 23, and wire 24 to ground 24'.

Transmission antenna 19 may be of any desired length.

Overunity Devices
Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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