Overunity Air Core Coil Magnet

as though the poles were shifted by a communicator with an infinite number of segments.

The modifications which are applicable to other forms of converter are in many respects applicable to this. I refer more particularly to the form of the core, the relative lengths and resistances of the primary and secondary coils, and the arrangements for running or operating them.

The new method of electrical conversion which this system involves, I have made the subject of another application, and I do not claim it here. Without limiting myself therefore to any specific form, what I claim is -

1. The combination, with a core closed upon itself with inducing or primary coils wound on it and connected up in independent pairs or sets, and induced or secondary coils wound upon or near the primary coils, of a generator of alternating currents and independent connections to the primary coils, whereby by the operation of the generator a progressive shifting of the poles of the core is effected, as set forth.

2. The combination, with an annular or similar magnetic core and primary and secondary coils wound on it, of an alternating-current generator having induced or armature coils corresponding to the primary coils with the corresponding coils of the generator, as herein set forth.

3. The combination, with independent electric transmission-circuits, of transformers consisting of annular or similar cores wound with primary and secondary coils, the opposite primary coils of each transformer being connected to one of the transmission-circuits, and alternating current generator with independent induced or armature coils connected with the transmission-circuits, whereby alternating currents may be directed through the primary coils of the transformers in the order and manner herein described.

An interesting suggestion for a Steven Mark replication, comes from "tao" of the web-based forum located at http://www.overunity.com/index.php/topic,2702.0.html and reproduced here with his kind permission. Here, the central core is a coil of wire. Bob Boyce has found that it is essential to use specialist wire for the windings of his toroidal transformer. The only viable material is solid-core copper wire which has a coating of silver and an outer covering of teflon. This is particularly interesting as that matches exactly, the materials used by Ed Gray inside his power tubes, where solid copper rods have their operational tips coated with silver. Silver is clearly a strategic material in this operation (as is carbon, which Ed also used inside his power tubes). Consequently, I would suggest that solid-core, silver-plated, teflon-covered wire would be a realistic choice for the central ring of tao's projected design:

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On top of the toroidal wind of wire, the bundle is wrapped in slightly overlapping pulsing coils. The theory of operation is that one coil is pulsed. This creates a strong magnetic field which causes the movement of environmental energy along the section of the toroid coil which is inside the pulse coil.

This energy flow can be thought of as being electrons flowing through the wire of the toroid. While electrons do actually flow through copper wire, the rate of flow is millions of times slower than the flow along the surface of the wire. However, strictly speaking, we are really looking for zero-point energy to flow "in" the toroidal coil. Here again, we are not being entirely accurate as that energy does not flow in or on the wire at all, but instead, it flows along the magnetic field formed around the wire. As current in the toroidal coil

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Alternative Energy

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