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calculated the flux density of the vacuum. Applying Einstein's E=mC formula indicates that there is enough energy in every 1 cc of "empty" space, to create all of the matter in the visible universe which can be seen with our most powerful telescopes. That amount of energy is so great as to be beyond imagining. This energy field is referred to as "Universal Energy", "Cosmic Energy" or "Zero Point Energy". At this time, we do not have any instrument which responds directly to this energy and so it is almost impossible to measure.

The existence of this energy field is now widely accepted by mainstream science and it is borne out by the situation found at quantum levels. It is generally thought that this energy is chaotic in form and for useful energy to by drawn from it, it needs to be restructured into a coherent form. It appears that uni-directional electromagnetic pulses of one millisecond or less, can be used to cause the necessary restructuring as they generate an outward coherent wave of radiant energy, from which energy can be extracted for use in most electrical devices, if a suitable receptor system is used. Tom Bearden states that at the quantum level, the seething energy of this field appears continuously as positive and negative charges. As these are evenly distributed, the net charge at any point is always zero. If a "dipole" (two opposite charges near each other) is created anywhere, then it polarises the energy field disrupting the previously even distribution of charges and causing massive streams of energy to radiate outwards from the dipole.

A voltage pulse acts as a dipole, provided the voltage rise is fast enough, and that is what causes a wave of radiant energy fanning out from the location of the voltage pulse. Batteries and magnets create continuous dipoles and so cause the local quantum energy field to send out continuous streams of massive power which can be utilised if (and only if) you know how to do it. The search for mechanisms to capture and use even a tiny fraction of these energy streams is what the "free-energy" field of research is all about. Some people say that there is no such thing as "free-energy" because you have to pay for the device which captures it. That is like taking a bus trip to a car dealership where they are giving away new cars, and saying that your new car was not a "free" car because you had to pay a bus fare to reach the car dealership.

Henry Moray

Moray King suggests that the circuit used by Thomas Henry Moray was as follows:

Free Energy Devices

There can be little doubt that Thomas Henry Moray built several versions of his apparatus, each of which produced output power well in excess of any input power needed. It seems highly likely that most of them used no input power whatsoever, and if there were any others, they will have been powered by a tiny fraction of the output power. If mild radioactive material was used as described, then the output power could in no way be attributed to that source alone, since the output power was thousands of time greater than any power available from the radioactive materials.

It is perhaps time to explain a little more about, voltage, power and current. We have been raised with the notion that it is necessary to "burn" a fuel to get power, that batteries "run down" when used and that you have to keep turning the shaft of an electrical generator to be able to draw current from it. These things are not actually true. The relatively recent field of Quantum Mechanics shows that if a charge, such as an electron has, is positioned in what is supposed to be "empty" space, it is not alone. The "empty" space is actually seething with energy, to the extent that "virtual" particles are popping into existence for a fraction of a second and then disappearing again. They are called "virtual" because they exist for such a short time.

Because of the negative charge of the electron, the particles appearing and disappearing around it will all be positive in charge. The electron has "polarised" the space around itself because it has a charge. The instant that a positive "virtual" particle appears, there are two charges near each other - minus on the electron and plus on the particle. When you have two opposite charges near each other, they form a "dipole". Dipoles form a gateway through which energy from the environment flows continuously. An instant later, the particle disappears, but it's place is immediately taken by another virtual particle. The result is a continuous stream of energy flowing out from the dipole.

Batteries with their positive and negative terminals are electrical dipoles, so too are generators when the input shaft is spun. Permanent magnets with their North and South poles are magnetic dipoles. Both of these have continuous streams of energy flowing through them. So, why then do batteries run down and lose their charge? The reason is that we power circuits using a closed loop. The energy flowing out of one terminal flows into the opposite terminal and instantly destroys the dipole. A new dipole has to be created every split second if the circuit is to deliver power, and it is that self-destructive method of use which causes the battery to discharge or which needs the generator shaft to be rotated continuously.

If a different operating technique is used, where the dipole is not continuously destroyed, then devices which can provide a continuous stream of energy drawn from our natural environment can be constructed. This is not magic, just the next step in conventional science and engineering. Thomas Henry Moray managed it, initially with an aerial and earth like a crystal set to provide the dipole, his device was able to draw many kilowatts of power from the environment. No fuel was needed, the energy is already there surrounding us all, all of the time. As far as I am aware, nobody has managed to replicate Moray's device (which was the reason for it being violently suppressed) but knowing that it existed and was repeatedly demonstrated to work perfectly well, is useful in that it shows that it is possible to tap the massive zero-point energy field with a practical, home-constructed device.

Hermann Plauston' Systems. Hermann Plauston was granted US Patent 1,540,998 in June 1925. The patent is similar in style to Tesla's pick-up system and it illustrates the principle with a system which is very much like Paul Baumann's "Testatica" device hidden away in a Swiss religious commune. The patent is very detailed with 37 drawings showing different arrangements, and it is shown in full in the Appendix. In fact, the patent reads more like a tutorial rather than a patent.

A system of this type should most definitely be taken seriously: Hermann considers one of his systems with an output of 100 kilowatts as being a "small" system. He illustrates several different methods of energy capture and several methods of increasing the effectiveness of the captured energy. While an installation to capture a continuous supply of 100+ kilowatts is unrealistic for an individual, there is the distinct possibility of making a scaled-down version which is capable of providing serious levels of free power. Reading his patent through carefully is definitely to be recommended.

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