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In this first section, only well-known facts have been mentioned. However, an understanding of these examples and their points of view will be important during the following discussion:

We have noted that:

• Centrifugal force equals that of gravity for one rotation per second.

• A mass at this velocity maintains a constant height on a wall inclined at 45 degrees.

• If the mass moves faster than that, it rises up the inner wall.

• The lifting force increases with increased velocity and/or wall slope and

• The track along the inner wall surface becomes increasingly steeper.

• The mass moves with increasing speed as it progresses towards the outer edge of the cone.

The "Centrifugal-Thrust-Engine" is based on the principle that a hollow cone-shaped cylinder is a 'passive element'. Additionally, a working medium flowing along it's stationary inner wall, is an 'active element'. These key properties are now discussed in the following section:

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

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