Pump Turbine Hybrid

Turbines of this type can also work as a pump. If the cone is driven around, then it will cause the surrounding water to rotate. At the housing's conical wall, water gets lifted through the centrifugal force. That 'pump' has no forward-facing surfaces and so it can't affect the pressure. The water is presented with vertical walls in close proximity to 'winding staircases' which move continuously dragging the water into rotation. The higher that the water is lifted, the greater the cone radius encountered, and the greater the centrifugal forces which it experiences.

As the rotational motion increases, the lifting force-component become stronger and the water gets pressed into the diagonal surfaces of the grooves, and the turning momentum is achieved which allows the pump to become self-powering and no longer needing any input power to continue operating. If the speed of rotation continues increasing, and turbine-mode is achieved, then, if the turbine is not loaded it will accelerate automatically until the water can't enter the inlet any faster or alternatively, until the turbine self-destructs.

Solar Power

Solar Power

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