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In Figure 07.05.03, the diagrams on the left hand side show sphere A, which might be a bowling ball, rolling in a straight line from right to left on a flat, horizontal surface. The plan view presented immediately below, shows that the movement of the sphere is a straight line. However, as shown at the bottom left of the Figure, if the sphere is projected at an angle, into a vertical cylinder, then it follows an upward helical track from E to F in the diagram. The path followed is similar to a screw thread inside a nut or on the outside of a bolt. This same path would be followed if the moving object were a jet of water rather than a solid sphere.

The corresponding three diagrams on the right hand side of Figure 07.05.03 show the situation for the sphere if instead of a vertical cylinder, it is projected into an inverted cone shape. In this instance, the path followed is a spiral curve starting at point K and continuing to point L. When this movement is shown on a flat surface, you will notice that the sphere rolls in a curve towards point D.

This shows clearly that there is an additional sideways force C acting on the sphere, causing this curved path. This has the effect that when the sphere is projected into the cone shape, it exits at point L with a greater upward angle than that with which it enters the cone at point K. This effect is also seen if a jet of water is used rather than a sphere or bowling ball. It should also be realised

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that as the sphere runs upwards along the inside surface of the cone, that it's path gets progressively steeper the further it rolls.

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100 Bowling Tips

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