Stator Windings

Wye Stator Windings
Laminated Iron Frame NeuTral Junction

The stator is made with three sets of windings. Each winding is placed is a different position compared with the others. A laminated iron frame concentrates the magnetic field. Stator lead ends output current to the diode rectifier bridge.

The Neutral Junction in the Wye design can be identified by the 6 strands of wire. 3-Phase Windings

The stator winding has three sets of windings. Each winding is formed into a number of evenly spaced coils around the stator core.

The result is three overlapping single-phase AC sine-wave current peaks, A, B, C.

These waves add together to make up the total AC output of the stator. This is called three-phase current.

Three-phase current provides a more even current output than a single-phase output would do.

Getting Started With Solar

Getting Started With Solar

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