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Build your own four foot tornado generator Cook hotdogs with the sun in minutes An easy to build and operate induction generator Anmazing little epsilon a scale model pyramid that works Lord Kelvin water drop electrostatic generator A simple solar water heater using a soda can A way to make your light bulds last longer All links to our other websites New type electrostatic generator U.S. patent Spanish design Photo flash that runs from static electric in the air Running your car on Zero Point...

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I spoke with Steve Elswick, the Publisher of the Extra Ordinary Technology Magazine who has given me permission to post my article http pdf ion valve article.pdf Reading this article you will learn how I discovered what I now call an ion valve and how it is used in an extremely efficient tank circuit to greatly conserve the current to run motors or provide light. Tests show that motors can be run many times longer on a battery supply using the ion valve as a regulating...

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Free Energy Radiant Generator

CapCapacitor Explained in More Detail Radiant Energy Tube Construction History Simplified Edwin Gray Patent Circuit The circuit drawn by Bruce A. Perreault at the left is without the distractions that are shown in the original Edwin Gray patent drawing shown below. This simplification gives a clear impression of how the circuit actually works. The the wire path represented by the red lines discharge the capacitor heating the central cathode rod. This has the effect of adding pulsed amperage to...