Detailed Description Of The Invention

Referring first to FIG. 1, in accordance with the present invention, a nuclear decay laser 10 is shown producing a beam, stream or ray 12 of energy and/or particles which is being used to treat a subject 14, represented here as a patient. Nuclear decay laser 10 consists of radioactive material 16 placed approximately within the center of a conventional MRI device consisting of a cylindrical magnet 18, preferably of at least 1 Tesla, which produces a magnetic field vector B.sub.o and is encased in a magnet housing 20, radio-frequency (RF) coil 22, and cylindrical magnetic field gradient coils 24. The stronger the external magnetic field the greater will be the nuclear decay laser pulse. Nuclear decay laser 10 produces the stream of energy and/or particles 12 through manipulation of the nuclei of the radioactive material 16 by the cylindrical magnet 18, RF coil 22, and cylindrical magnetic field gradient coils 24 all under the direction of an operator 26 acting through a control panel 28. Nuclear decay laser 10 is shown in the treatment of subject 14. This treatment may include, but is not limited to radiation therapy, diagnostic purposes, and medical imaging wherein the resultant interaction of the beam 12 with the subject 14 can be detected and imaged by a suitable device, such as through X-ray film, CT scanner or a suitable electronic detecting array, for example.

In order to more clearly describe the production of stream 12, the operation of the device as shown in FIG. 1 will be discussed in conjunction with FIGS. 2-9 which graphically represent manipulation of the radioactive nuclei.

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