Filling Unit And The Reason For The Taps

If I used no taps (valves) in this design, and tried to back fill the black poly hose, what would result would be an air blockage at the middle of the poly coil and no transfer of heated water would occur.

On filling the unit ,the tap (valve) nearest to heated water storage section is closed , and the bleed tap turned to the open position until all air air has been purged out when filling the complete unit..

The bleed off tap is then closed and the alternative tap(valve) is opened and the filling returned water is allowed to flow to hot war storage section and thus completing the loop.

By the way

When water has been heated the bleed off tap(valve) could also be used to collect hot water from the unit for other uses..

The unit could ideally be made from metal but I believe the heating section should be insulated so that heat is prevented from leaving the main heating area around the poly pipe coil..

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