FIGS. 37 and 38 show alternative configurations for the control component incorporated into the rotary motion device of FIG. 34;

FIGS. 39A-39D are top views of the rotary motion device of FIG. 34 and depict rotational movement thereof;

FIGS. 40-44 are alternative variations of circuit means for controlling the timed energization of control coils in the various devices of the present invention;

FIGS. 45A-45C and 45X-45Z are side views of two path power conversion devices;

FIG. 46 is a schematic view of the permanent magnet portion of a rotor for use in some embodiments of the present device;

FIGS. 47 and 48 show other embodiments of a linear motion device;

FIG. 49 is a top view of another embodiment of a rotating motor like construction; and

Fig. 49

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