Nuclear decay laser and method

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A nuclear decay laser that produces a stream of nuclear decay particles and/or photons of electromagnetic radiation. The stream of nuclear decay particles and/or photons is produced by subjecting radioactive materials to an external magnetic field which causes the radioactive nuclei to align with and precess around the external magnetic field vector. The precessing radioactive nuclei are then subjected to Radio Frequency (RF) pulses tuned to the Larmor frequency of the precessing nuclei which causes the nuclei to flip out of the plane of the external magnetic field vector into the X-Y plane. A refocusing RF pulse is then applied to the radioactive material which brings all of the magnetic moments of the flipped radioactive nuclei into phase. This can also be achieved with MRI gradient echo technology. When the initial RF pulse is discontinued, the flipped radioactive nuclei undergo T1 or spin-lattice relaxation which occurs when the radioactive nuclei relax back into phase with the external magnetic field vector during the process of T1 relaxation. The radioactive nuclei undergo accelerated coordinated decay with emission of a laser type pulse of electromagnetic radiation or particles according to the decay scheme of the radioactive nucleus. Alternatively, a ray of energy and/or particles is released when radioactive nuclei capable of undergoing fission experience a coordinated, accelerated fission reaction achieved when the refocusing RF pulse or gradient echo brings the radioactive nuclei into a coherent phase. The release of energy and/or particles can be focused and used in medical treatment and imaging, industrial and military applications, and for the production of energy. In addition, these methods of accelerating nuclear decay can be used to treat unwanted radioactive materials to background radiation levels providing for a way of disposing of unwanted nuclear waste.

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