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The condensation idea of this device has not been tested yet due to our area now in winter but will be once the weather warms.

The the heating section idea has been tested and has vapourized a complete 5 kilogram can of water in one week usng the cardboard models as shown on this web page.

The poly coil of plastic piping will indeed heat up and water in it has reached a scorching temperature.

Because plastic pipe tends to kink (buckel)when heat ( solar included ) is applied I would recomment that no bends are made with the poly pipe and where a bend is required use a elbow section instead.

Everthing that holds hot water has been painted black to ensure maximum solar heat capture and in the cooler area everthing is planted a silver colour to help lower the temperature difference between the two sections namely the heating and the cooler 6'' pipe section.

The unit here is really only a demonstration of the concept.

I believe this idea could be upsized to produce more clean water and the two sections could be separated to where the heating section could be outside in maximum heat exposure area and the cooling unit placed in shaded or underground area and all powered from the sun.


Another view

modification to the top section

Some Addition Modifications

I have had a chance to test out my design although the temperature conditions are not ideal the device has desalinated a few milli liters of water. On uninstalling the top section I have found there was indeed condensation on the upper tubes as hoped ,but it did not seem to be travelling towards the intended destination of the smaller output tube opposite. I have now added a diffrent top section with a small solar( approx 5 watts) powered brushless fan motor to draw air in to the unit. I have tried the section without it connected to unit and found it does indeed allows a cold flow of air through the section. It is hoped this will enable an air flow of water vapor towards the exit point in the unit,this may also enable the warm moist air from outside on sultry days to also be drawn into the unit and condensed as well

as added to the unit

At this stage I am hopeful that this unit will be in the gadgets section of the South Australian Riverland Field day working this year of September 2004 and at the Loxton show of October 2004

so if your there come over and have a chat


(c)Geoff Egel

(c)Geoff Egel

Getting Started With Solar

Getting Started With Solar

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