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A Radiant Energy Diatribe by Bruce Perreault . . . . . .

How to Build an Efficient Alternative Energy Device by Bruce Perreault A permanent magnet, pulsed DC electromagnet motor

Archie Blues Hydrogen producing ELECTROLYTIC CELL patent may give some good leads

USING SOLAR heat radiation ENERGY

Minato Kohei Magnetic rotating apparatus

Nuclear decay laser and energy recovery method

Charles Flynns parallel magnetic path technology

Joe Flynns Parallel Path Magnetic Technology by Tim Harwood

The power wheel of Calvin Bahlmann

AL Francoeurs'Wesley Gary Motor Replication

An Apparent successful reproduction of the Edwin Gray power device

Electrostatic Generator may 22 1961 United States Patent

Alan L Francoeur full details on his fuel vaporizer system

Alan L Francoeur's Vapor Fuel Management System photographs

Alan L Francoeur's photographs of his Edwin Gray Machine he now owns

The Cold Fusion Project by Jean-Louis Naudin

The BingoFuel Reactor v1.0 by JL Naudin

Alternative Fuels researches by JL Naudin The BingoFuel Reactor v1.1 test by JL Naudin A self-powered test with the BingoFuel Reactor by JL Naudin Burning gas tests with the BingoFuel Reactor by JL Naudin

Xogen/chambers Patent Apparatus for producing orthohdrogen and or parahydrogen Some common conversion Tables and conversion values

The Adams Active Thermo Electric High Voltage Pulsed DC Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance Electric Motor Pod2 winding details as described in previous article

Gravity Nullified quartz crystals charged by high frequency currents lose their weight

An Australian experimenters attempt at producing a high voltage spike and an adjustable high voltage power supply The Lutec 2000 of Australians Lou Brits and John Christie Magnetite as core material for simple wind power generator

The Freedom Reclamation Project convert your engine to burn hydrogen and oxygen from water on demand

The free energy circuit for the serious researcher

Stefan Marinov Magnetic Vortex Hyper-Ionization Device (MAGVID)

Mag-gen generating the future The Story of the Dotto Ring

Observations of an Anomalous Reversible Weight Change Effect An electro hydro dynamic alternating current generator A simple vand de graaf machine that works A simple ion motor powered by yout TV screen Homebrew high voltage Polystyrene cup capacitors Homebrew high voltage plastic cup capacitors Unique Crystal radio

Some Russian concepts about the Viktor Shauberger Invention and devices A catalyst alloy that produces seemingly unlimted hydrogen for fuelling your car. How to build your own cloudbuster A novel idea for a salt water desalinator

The wood gas producer science and construction

Wood gas producers

The Synchroton radiation generator

6 stroke a new head design for 4 stroke

Jean Louis Biefeld-Brown Effects lifting triangles experiments Radiant Energy and the Perreault Process

Electrical Driving and Recovery System for a High Frequency environment

Splitting the positive side of batteries

Brief out line on how the gray inventions works

Some more construction tips o the EV gray conversion tube.

Photographs of the Edwin Gray device from the present owner

Exhaust gas recovery system

Fuel vapourizer

Additonal fuel vapourizer drawings

Stanley Meyer in the 1990's developed an electric cell which will split ordinary tap water into hydrogen and oxygen with far less energy than that required by a normal electrolytic cell.

This inventor is now dead but following links on this cd cover some of his work

Stanley Meyer electrical generator US Patent:4,613,304 Stan Meyer Hydrogen gas burner US Patent: 4,421,474

Stan Meyer System for the controlled intermixing of a volatile hydrogen gas with oxygen Stanley Meyer eye witness report

Method for the production of a fuel gas US Patent: 4,936,961

Stanley Meyer Water Fuel Cell

System for flame start-up/shut-down for a hydrogen gas mixture burner Controlled process for the production of thermal energy from gases and apparatus Stan Meyer Gas generator voltage control circuit US Patent: 4,798,661

The McGuire Electric Car for The World further information on Scott Mcguire overunity motor

A homemade water pumping wind savonius turbine

Build your own Vandegraf electrostatic generator

Joecell mk 5 a possible new design

High frequency - electrolysis of water

The Jackson Hydrogen Generator

Edwin Gray's Energy System by Bruce A. Perreault

UFO Propagation

Electrokinetic UFO

UFO Physics - The Short Bibliography

Lorentz Force on Electrolytic flows - taken from Handbook of Magnetic Phenomena

Non Unfiform Electric FieldsS Physics of UFO gravity manipulation by resonating magnetic fields, and electrogravitic propulsion

Build your own Science Fair type electrolysis hydrogen oxygen gas producer energy project

Extracting Energy from a Permanent Magnet with Energy-Replenishing from the Active Vacuum

The MEG v2.0 The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator Project built by JL Naudin

The MEG The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator Project gateway

The index and information page for this series of pages original article on the swiss ml

Some interesting comments and ideas on the Free energy machine Swiss ML or Testatika Thestica Distakica Electrets vs Dielectric Absorbers Eguchi Electrets

Horseshoe Magnets and the Testatika

The electron field generator

The electron cascade effect

Some free electric notes

The Principle Experiments

Testatika demonstration 1999 report

Methernitha Testatika News

Testatika Machine ML converter pictures

A transcript from the Testakica video

The Graham Snook hydrogen/oxygen generator

Paul Potters electro kinetic ufo's

UFO Propagation part six of this article warning please read first

My Experiments with hydrogen/oxygen gas generation using the joe cell and solar power part 1 My Experiments with hydrogen/oxygen gas generation using the joe cell and solar power part 2 My Experiments with hydrogen/oxygen gas generation using the joe cell and solar power part 3 My Experiments with hydrogen/oxygen gas generation using the joe cell and solar power part 4 My Experiments with hydrogen/oxygen gas generation using the joe cell and solar power part 5 The Lawnmover retrofitted with Geet Multi-Fuels Processor The Interference Disc electric generator by Alan L Francoeur

General description and drawing diagrams of the Interference Disc electric generator Photographs of the Interference Disc electric generator

Renew Backyard biodiesel

Renew Going bush with renewables the bio fuel cooker Avramenko's Free Electrons Pump v1.0 by Jean-Louis Naudin Free Electrons Pump v1.0 by Jean-Louis Naudin Vortex technology applicable to biosolids

The Magnetic Equilibrium Motor/Generator by Hal LaFonte Research The Magnetic Equilibrium Motor/Generator Theory of operation The Magnetic Equilibrium Motor Project test results The Magnetic Equilibrium Motor Project prototype photographs

Theory of Magnetic Instability by Stewart A. Harris Indian Paper on some perpetual motion observations Operation of Bennet voltage doubler Bedini simple school science Fair motor

Calloway High Efficiency Collector Circuit and motor experiment

An experiment relating to J.R.R.Searls possible secret Searl Technology

The Coral Castle of Edward Leedskalnin

Magnet current by Edward Leedskalnin part 1

Magnet current by Edward Leedskalnin part 2

Magnet current by Edward Leedskalnin part 3

Astronomical, Mathematical, Medical and Quantum Mechanics found in the pryamids

The Homopolar phenomenon a primer on the Homopolar phenomenon

Can the Kirlian be used to visualize a scalar wave

Advanced Technologies Foreign resort Project report an update on the Kronzen free energy machine

An electric shock from a shampoo bottle

Bedini motor diagrams and notes

Experiments with a Komrey and Brandt-Tesla Converter

Bedini Ideas and Motors

Bedini's Free energy generator

Hamel and Searl electrification process

Mini Hamel Device Construction and Drawing details

Photo's of mini three cone Hamel type disk

The hamel spinning disk gravity gate

The tesla switch

Energy machine pictures

The matrix as applied to Alfred Hubbards energy generator by G.D.Mutch

Ionically assisted Fuel cell

Radiant Energy Fuel Cell Plate Forming for Electrochemical cells The Parr Gravity Wheel Experiment The Gravity Wheel Gravity Car Proposal

How to Build an Acid/Alkaline Water Charger.

The Joe Cell Matrix some possible help for joe cell constuctors

Re discovery of the E.V. Gray Electric motor

The Dunlite Wind Power Plant

The world free energy project

Single Pole Generator

Whats on the Encyclopedia of free energy? floppy disk version The Lord Kelvin electrostatic water drop experiment

Kelvins Water Droplet Battery

Electrogravitational Desalination of saline water

Adams Generator continued means of propulsion for a flying disk UFO.

Regarding The Testatika

Store solar heat in salt pond

VTA (vacuum thrust aircraft) outer surface

Screen saver

65 waves to save electricity

All Natural_

looking to nature for our "energy n

Water Powered Motors Robert Green's unusual windmill Running your car on orgone energy The "Coanda Effect"

The Edwin Gray Pulsed Capacitor Discharge Electric Engine

Photo's from the inside of an E.V gray type motor

The free energy inventions of Captain Hans Coler

The Levitron and the magnetic gyro

An examination of the energy machine of Joseph Newman

Pharaohs Concrete

Method and apparratus for accumulating electrical energy and transforming ether electricity

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