EECC update

These are just a few extra idea's that we threw together. I hope they are helpful to you. Let us know how you like these plans. Send us photo's of what you have done we love to hear from our customers. If you got any new free energy idea's let us know we can research them for you. Many customers do not have the extra research time that we have.

Learning The basics of our invention

Experiment 1 How to assemble a 12 vdc system 1. You will have 12- 4 3 4 copper piping, or If you did not purchase the kit then cut your copper to this size. KIT take each piece of copper and tape the tops with 1'' masking tape. 2. Now using RED LACQUER spray paint Which you can buy at any hardware store , Paint the outside of the copper all around. DO NOT PAINT THE INSIDE. let air dry for 24 hrs. Now remove 1 masking tape. 3. Take the copper pipe outside to the area that you are going to use....

Very Strange and New Discovery

While working outside on another experiment I discovered a very strange generator effect, much to my surprise, I found that by using 2 aluminum 8 disks connected to my DC volt meter and by placing both disks in a vertical position while touching the bare earth dirt, and moving one of the disks and allowing the other to be stationary I get a dc voltage positive output This effect works with any size or shape of aluminum, we used 8 diameter disk x 1 8 thick, we found that size to work best. Also...

Free Etoegy From The Earth

Copyright 2002 - 2004 Creative Science amp Research EECC Earth Energy Coil Capacitor Copper foil is placed between 2 pieces of paper strips and Aluminum is placed on bottom. Use 400 foot strips 2 wide. This method is very hard to do. But is very high eff. Copyright 2002 - 2004 Creative Science amp Research

Our More Advanced Earth Capacitor

Free Energy Earth

EECC Earth Energy Coil Capacitor very powerful This is size of a large cell. very powerful This is size of a large cell. EECC Earth Energy Coil Capacitor Our small test model 1, we used 22 bare copper wire wrapped around a zinc rod, each layer had a paper die electric, tested in tap water. 5 layers. Output 89 vdc x 3.5 ma, this is low. more layers will more capacitance which 's more amperage and voltage. Our small test model 1, we used 22 bare copper wire wrapped around a zinc rod, each layer...

EECC Earth Energy Coil Capacitor

Rolling a capacitor is the best way but not the easiest, Which makes this pipe coil model much more desirable to build Sand or scratch off top layer coating, this will leave a protective coating in between each wire and underneath. Copper should not touch itself or the aluminum pipe. Then cover with paper and begin next layer of copper wire.

What is ether or Radiant energy

The understanding comes from a very deep study of etheric or static forces, this energy that we are getting out of the ground is what some call LIGHT ETHER, when you separate the light ether from the warm ether you can get these superconductive events. It appears like electricity but it has no heat events related to It. The point is that the best polarity's of things to get a differential in the light ether is to have a silvered coloured metal and then something that is totally absorbitive Like...

Capacitor Sheet Method

Free Energy From Earth

Again, the more plate sheets of metal you add or cells the more power you will get Remember it's all about capacitance. You are collecting more than just simple battery type power. The copper plate sheet is the Positive and the Aluminum sheet is the negative. There are many ways in which one can build this type of earth energy collector, below is simply an example of another shape and form. In this type we use water holes. water holes must all be in exact spots. 3 Aluminum sheeting X 100 Cotton...