Blood Sap Circulation as a Model for the Ennoblement of Water

Leonstein, 28th May 1945, - Implosion Magazine, No. 124, pp 56-58.

Up to now no-one has succeeded in discovering the origins of blood and sap circulation, or in explaining the purpose of this metabolic cycle. The assertion that the heart is a blood-pump is inadequate for the simple reason that the primary question still remains unanswered, namely, what forces keep the heart muscle pulsating? A trifling infection of the blood is enough to alter the heart's activity, to make the pulse-beat irregular and to disturb the state of health with feverish conditions. For this reason alone it becomes clear that it is not the heart that moves the blood, bul the blood that activates the heart.

To understand this, the nature of the blood, the causes of its coming into being and the reason for its passing away must be examined more closely.

The cause of its formation is 'cycloid-space-curve-motion', which is to be understood as inwardly and upwardly inwinding spiral cyclical motion. This is characterised by the fact that, with even the smallest impulses the substance rotates about its own axis, which gives rise to the rhythmical alternation between centrifugal and centripetal pulsations on a common developmental axis, resulting in the creation of an alternating current flow. This organic alternating current is the actual motivating force behind the movement of blood and the activity of the heart caused by such movement. An analogous proof of this is the emergence of pulsation in naturalesquely moved water.

The heart is therefore a kind of compensating valve into which the discharged (venal) blood flows back and satiates itself with products of digestive processes. This mixture is then supplied with fertilising substances (oxygen) through breathing; in other words, the former consumes (binds) the latter. The products of the repulsive further movement of the blood are conformations that have been developed to the immediately higher aetheric and energetic state. Due in part to the influences of heat and diffuse light, these agglomerate as new blood masses and subsequently solidify into the physical substances of growth. It is out of these secondary products of synthesis that the build-up of primary synthesising substances takes place, namely, forms of energy which interact with the surrounding potentials and in this way generate the body's physical energies - its capacity to carry its own weight and its ability to move.

In principle it is the same process that can be observed in all plants, where the root-protoplasm is the source of negative potential through which fertilising interactions with positively charged atmospheric substances occur. Again, through the direct influences of light and heat, this leads to the inner condensing of the lower-grade products of these interactions and therefore to the layer-by-layer formation of the solid forms of plant bodies - in other words, to physical growth. The motion arising from physical impulses therefore leads to metaphysical formative motion, and in further consequence to an increase in performance.

Provided the appropriate temperature influences, namely the oligodynamic (dissociative) and catalytic (formative) ancillary influences, can take effect, then a small impulse triggered off in a naturalesquely contoured and alloyed vessel will suffice to enable droppable5 liquid or gaseous mixtures to be transformed and built up into the next highest state of evolvement (aetheric and energetic forms). On their part, these are responsible for further processes of reproduction and development, the increase in physical substance and the enhancement of metaphysical qualities.

5 Droppable: refers to liquids or gases capable of agglomerating into drops when falling. — Ed.

In principle the same transformative and formative processes take place in the human and animal organism. These stimulate respiration which in turn provides for the supply of fertilising substances, and once again the next higher products of development, aetheric and energetic, are created, which are the actual source of energy for the physical and metaphysical motive forces.

It is upon this finding that the ennoblement of the blood of the Earth - the negatively charged groundwater - is founded. This cannot only be produced in unlimited quantity, but also increased and qualitatively ennobled, provided the developmental processes described above are copied naturalesquely. Once again, the true secret of evolution lies in the cycloid motive impulse triggered off in naturalesquely formed vessels - extreme egg-shapes.

Following from the above, it is obvious that the proper proportion in the mixture between the substances of the Earth and the Sun (carbones and oxygenes) is also decisive.

This system of blood and sap circulation, faithfully copied from nature, enabled the high priests of bygone cultures to produce artificial high-springs in which water rose exuberantly to the highest mountain peaks, where the sacred groves were to be found. In these groves the holy or healing water gushed forth - the higher up it discharged, the greater its wholesomeness. The lengthening of the developmental path along the longitudinal axis was one of the most closely guarded secrets of the nature-attuned high priests, who were regarded by the populace as miracle-workers. They increased the growth of high quality cereals and fruits and enhanced harvest yields simply by moving water rhythmically about the transverse and longitudinal axis and about its own axis cycloidally in naturalesque development-facilitating vessels under the exclusion of light and heat. Moreover, they knew the recipes for the mixtures, which similar to those in human or animal bodies, are the products of inorganic digestion. As inwardly and outwardly oscillating formative essences arising from the 'cycloid movement of the Earth-masses', these products are respirated and supplied with fertilising substances (oxygen) on their formative path and explain the profound secret of genesis and growth, as well as the latter's ennoblement. In this way it is therefore possible not only to produce large quantities of water, but also to ennoble it.

Therefore the possibility now exists not only to transform seawater into drinking and domestic water at an atomic level, but also to establish new and almost limitless cultural communities even in waterless wastelands. That 'specific' healing is also possible with this noble water will be addressed in another chapter and explained in greater detail. The devices for demonstrating these processes are located at the moment at Rudolf Zeitlinger's scythe factory.

What we are therefore here concerned with is the rediscovery of the secrets of age-old cultures, with which it is possible to improve the tragic world situation. To restore to all humanity almost absolute freedom from hunger, as well as almost absolute freedom of movement on land, in and under water, and in the air.

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