Elaborations on the Suction Turbine

Sherman, Texas, 25th August 1958, Implosion Magazine, No. 114, pp 57-60.

For decades medical science has sought the so-called 'life-curve' in which the two reciprocally interactive component forces of suction and pressure intersect one another in such a way that at the point of intersection an energetic interplay of different emulsions takes place. Pressure- and fire-technology produces and exploits the rising (negative) temperature gradient exclusively and consequently creates excessively strong repulsive forces, which logically act to inhibit development.

While it is true that the falling temperature gradient is known to science, up to now it has not been in a position to activate it. Science has therefore had to put up with braking reactive forces, which become free and active when the medium of water or air is moved along straight paths by physical excess pressures of whatever kind (gradient or pressure-pump). The same also applies to rotary motion, where meanders and sinuosities are absent and in which over-strong frictional, thermal and expansive forces become active. By way of products of reversed emulsions they enforce the emergence of exceptionally decomposive energies. The resistance to motion, the result of an unnatural increase in velocity which rises by the square, is the biological consequence of an unnatural and therefore false type of motion. This is particularly true in the case of all contemporary turbines, which centrifugate the driving medium -water. Moreover; science uses paramagnetic material (steel, etc.), which with an increase in heat (heat is the lowest form of electricity) gives birth to additional decomposive energy (electricity).

As a result of this finding experiments were also made to rotate water in meander-forms made of diamagnetic material (copper, bronze, etc.). Even diamagnetic wood can be used. Out of these experiments arose the doublemembrane, which with increasing radius automatically increases the flow-through velocity, if the angle of the alternately disposed slip-surfaces is flattened out towards the periphery.

Fig. 30 (Diagram 1) depicts such a double-membrane (a rotating meander) in which the water is partly sucked, partly propelled upwards by means of a counter-rotating whorl-pipe (= cycloid-space-spiral). The water is then evenly dispersed in the opposite direction, rotated within and about its own axis and in this way the centre of gravity of the flow-through material is displaced towards the centre of the axis.

Here there are two possibilities for increasing the exit velocity relative to the intake velocity as desired and to raise its carrying capacity and tractive force at the same time through specific densation. As already mentioned earlier, this naturally presupposes an improvement quality.

Either an inwinding water movement, therefore the centripetence of the draining water will be achieved with appropriately designed spiral-forms that make use of an existing geological gradient, or the suction-turbine will be rotated by the drive-motor while still empty and once the desired rpm have been reached, the drive-water will then be introduced and sucked from inside towards the periphery with increasing velocity. A suction that extends backwards is thus created, which is produced by the faster outward moving, specifically densitying plug of water. This exits at a velocity, which can be regulated as desired and activates a recoil, which in kinetic terms is the same as the exit velocity.

In order to move air above its boundary velocity, which under a falling (positive) temperature gradient results in its retro-formation into a watery substance, special spiral-helical shapes must be used in order to achieve the same effect described earlier. This spiral-helical form is like a hollow propeller, which once again partly sucks in and partly impresses the surrounding air masses. Here again, the suction components must predominate in order to prevent any pressure and heat stresses. In this manner biologically-correct emulsions occur, whose products are diamagnetically supercharged energies, which levitate and draw up their generating device in their wake (viz. the behaviour of the trout, which cannot be explained mechanically, but only atomically). To emphasise the point once more: Everything is reversible in Nature and hence there are also atomic energies that are not life-destroying, but life-creating. The latter cannot be produced in a cyclotron and so atomic physicists must also be taught that two different things happen, depending on whether a medium, to which ultimately the primary building blocks of Nature - the atoms - belong, is initially subjected to pressure or sucked up to a higher valency.

The attached sketch-diagram is actually extremely primitive. It is enough, however, to enable a halfway naturalistic viewer to get an inkling of what serious and fateful errors are being made by today's atomic experts, for apparently not one of them has ever considered what 'motion' actually is and what biological role it plays. Namely, that death and life depend on the way a medial structure or entity moves and thus vast differences exist between atomic destruction and atomic transformation, for an incorrect motion begets the embryos of death. It is, and was always so, that he who makes a mistake fails to see it, whereas to an outsider, or to a 'layman' as is so often said, it immediately springs to the eye. For a sharp-eyed observer of Nature it is simply incomprehensible that science does not recognise the interconnections that exist between forest and water; that through the disturbance of this bipolarity the differences in potential between the negatively charged geosphere and the positively supercharged atmosphere diminish, causing the groundwater table to sink and the high-grade mountain springs to dry up as a result.

If water is recharged with geospherical energies, then it begins to rise again autonomously and supplies all the vegetation, including man and beast, with aetheric nutritive substances. This happens through the agency of the protoplasms present on every root-tip, which permit the entry of only the most valuable substances, after which the interaction with the diffuse atmospheric oxygen takes place. The end-product of this emulsive process is juvenile-water - demonstrable experimentally - and by extension the formation of blood and sap, if a falling (positive) temperature gradient predominates during this transformative process. However, if a rising (negative) temperature gradient prevails, then fever results, and the decomposition of water, blood and sap is the biological and therefore obvious consequence. By now it will also be apparent to any halfway rational thinker, what deadly perils lurk in the pressure- and heat-intensifying movement of air or water, in the over-warming or over-illumination of organisms of all kinds and why in machines, which trigger a rising temperature gradient, the resistance to motion must increase by the square of the velocity due to cumulative blocking pressures.

For this reason all today's expansion-explosion machines, pressure turbines, etc. destroy life and must be replaced by implosive devices and apparatuses if all humanity is not to perish unconditionally through the mass-murder of every prerequisite for life of whatever kind. For whoever disturbs Nature's household is irretrievably lost.

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