Excerpt from Patent Letter to Munich Patent Office

From Implosion Magazine, No. 87, written in Linz, September 1955.

By reason of research work carried out over more than 30 years, I can provide irrefutable proof that centrifugal acceleration triggers off decentrating, reactive forces. Through the hitherto unnoticed, instantaneous pole-reversal in the lower world of bipolar basic elements, decomposive forces evolve in the media of water and air. This results in the killing off of noble bacteria. In the dying water symptoms of decay appear and pathogenic bacteria come to life, leading to the development of cancer. For this reason the unreal systems of motion taught in all universities are the true cause of cancer. Plasmic disturbances occur, which for lack of adequate replenishment of qualigen, lead to the death of the cells, if metallic toxins form on the cellmembrane. This happens as a result of the accumulation of certain metal ions, to which the oligodynamic extermination of pathogenic bacteria by silver ions is also attributable. These do indeed disinfect the contaminated water, although further possibilities for re-infestation are not removed. On the contrary, if the causes are not correctly combatted biologically, then increasingly developmentally harmful parasites gradually propagate in the further degenerating water, resulting in its total contamination.

The same applies to chlorinated water, since in both cases processes of electrolytic decomposition occur. Georg Krause of Munich was able to control this so accurately with his electro-catadyne process that the water thus treated was apparently purified bacterially and hence became potable drinking water. In reality, however, water thus treated is not immune to the toxic effects resulting from the formation of increasingly dangerous bacteria. As is the case with agriculture, these have to be combatted with even stronger poisonous sprays. However, if water or air is moved predominantly centripetally in specially constructed and alloyed suction-screw systems (my principal patent claim), then a negative ion concentration evolves of up to 90%, which emulsifies the attendant oxygen. This results in a drop in pressure and heat, due to the specific densation of the naturally moving, through-flowing material. In this case concentrative reactive forces are active. Their products become densified along the longitudinal axis and propagate in a predominantly vertical direction. On account of their enormous velocity, they draw up the device that produces them in their wake.

Seen from this point of view, the assertion by a nuclear physicist in the USSR is correct. He stated that all the available information in classical physics textbooks concerning the attraction of mass is a stupendous mistake, since there is no such thing as an attracting force or mass-attraction. With increasing distance from the Earth, the velocity of the self-purifying, emanating substances becomes so great that an atomic vacuum or vacuity is created behind them. As is known, this also develops behind a fast-moving vehicle and draws a closely-following motorcyclist along with it.

This forward and upward suction also evolves in naturally inwound water, to which the stationary trout owe their motionless stance in fast-flowing water. Even the uplifting of the trout in waterfalls is founded on this action of suction, if the falling water-masses flow naturalesquely and inwind. In all cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes forces are active, albeit hitherto unknown reactive forces, which are the causal agents of this catastrophic upward-wrenching effect. Conversely, every propeller (the archimedean pressure-screw) functions like a dynamo and because of this the mysterious air-crashes over particularly charged or potentiated areas of water and high-grade forests can be correctly understood for the first time, due to the fact that these areas send pressure-sensitive ions aloft.

When the bankers, who were financing conventional hydroelectric power stations and the manufacture of aircraft fitted with propellers or other forms of pressure screw, began to understand my fairly detailed explanations, it was no wonder that such financial institutions and their patent attorneys lost all interest in the granting of patent rights. As an old-age pensioner, I am not in a position to take up arms successfully against the whole scientific establishment. For this reason I have to remain silent, keeping the most pertinent and crucial details from the public until I have managed to find other financiers.

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