Excerpts from Letter No to Josef Brunnader

Written in Linz, 15/6/1956

Thank you for your nice letter. That you haven't heard from me for a while was because I've been extremely busy with the construction of an improved home-power generator. (see fig. 34)

As a result of experiments with the first two models, possibilities for their improvement and simplification emerged which were quite surprising, which I will tell you about in more detail in the near future. This will be from Germany, where I am making more rapid progress, because there water scarcity is looming increasingly threateningly and therefore the authorities will be forced to make drastic changes. Indeed, in this whole sphere little can be done without compulsion.

Future home-power generators will use a falling (regenerating) thermal gradient entirely. Interestingly enough, in scientific circles nobody knows of the vast differences that exist between regenerating (refreshing, cooling), and rising and degenerating thermal gradients. By means of the latter, decent ruling reactive forces are activated from the true sediments which contain bipolar trace-elements. These act to decompose water. With the falling regenerative temperature-gradient, concentrating water-forming energies or emanations evolve.

This can be understood as follows: The mechanical equivalent of heat of 1 kcal = 427 kgm of work2. If 1 kcal is transformed into mechanical energy in 1 second with the aid of a falling thermal gradient, as normally occurs in the digestive tract, for example, then per kcal (= 1°C or 1.8°F) = reduction in temperature = drop in fever, about 5.7 hp in additional power or energy is made available.

Fig. 34: Viktor Schauberger's home-power generator

Contemporary science makes exclusive use of rising thermal gradients. In this case atomic regressive impulses - or viewed mechanically - reactive forces of recoil or atomic braking forces evolve from the above sources of indifferent dynagen concentrates. Science therefore made two cardinal errors in motion:

1. It created atomic brake-forces with the reversed thermal gradient and

2. It produced reactive forces, which become all the more developmentally dangerous, the faster the rotational velocity of their technically contrived machines.

In my case the more the atomic formative, forward- and upwardly-propelling forces are stimulated by the increasing rotation of an implosion machine, the more the supplementary forces and development-enhancing energies become

2 kgm: kilogramme-metre (kgm) [mechanical] 1 kWh = 367,700 kgm kilowatt hours (kWh) [electrical] 1 kcal = 427kgm kllocalories (kcal) [thermal] 1 kWh = 860 kcal active. The factor that has been overlooked is the bipolarity - the potential differences - through which the original, causal motion or stimulus is triggered off.

If one now considers that today coal, oil, wood, pressure-turbines, etc., exploit the rising, degenerating thermal gradient and therefore unwittingly generate atomic decomposive forces from the above trace-elements, then it becomes quite evident that throughout the whole chain of evolution cancerous regression will gain sway. The true trace-elements function like fever-reducing medicines, if they are regenerated with the aid of a falling thermal gradient. However, if in any form of motion the rising, degenerating temperature-gradient prevails owing to the supremacy of centrifugence, (e.g, pressure-turbines, expansion and explosion machines), then the above concentrates of reduced matter act as a poison.3 As this finding can be proven, the very foundation of modern science has been completely undermined, since from this point of view science is the true instigator of cancer.

You can imagine what effect this realisation had in Germany, the ever-alert land of the best technologists. Major industries sent their best specialists and experts, who were unconditionally forced to admit the tragic error, and to realise that techno-academic methods of motion must be immediately prohibited by law, otherwise no recovery is possible. For if the last remnants of water are decomposed due to the effect of degenerative reactive forces, then the consequences are truly unforeseeable.

Recently the Daily Sketch reported that the first English atomic powerstation had to be shut down because of an impending lack of water. Similar reports have come from America, where whole areas a drying out and dust-storms are transforming thousands of farms into wasteland.

For the first time it is now being realised that the practical implementation of Einstein's atomic energies for peaceful purposes is even more dangerous that the enormous consumption of water for today's industrial purposes. And now, as the best hope for a recovery, the League for Human Rights is going to champion my all-revolutionising discovery of how to generate a falling, regenerating thermal gradient. To aid in this recovery, regenerated carbonic acid - the best mountain springwater - can be produced in exactly the same way that it happens in Nature, provided the thermal gradient is present that builds up the concentrating reactive forces prevailing in naturalesquely conserved forests.

A properly constructed and alloyed implosion-machine develops regenerative atomic energies from the indifferent concentrates of dynagen. In the process of producing these, the animating qualigens of 4th- and 5th-dimensinal dynagen can no longer remain inactive and powerful dynamos must be attached in order to produce the electrical resistances. This is the best way to

3 See "Cadaverine Poison in Ray-Form (Ptomaine Radiation) on p. 28 of this book. — Ed.

prevent such an implosion-machine from running out of control, and in this way the demand for atomic levitational factors can be regulated, which provide the energies that sustain growth. Through my invention the problem of more and more people, less and less and worse and worse food can be naturally and finally solved, if things are merely done in the opposite way to what is presently taught and learnt in all academies, universities and technical colleges.

My new implosion machines produce an almost nine-fold increase in power in comparison to today's machines. We therefore stand directly before an upheaval of a kind that humanity has never yet experienced. Any further comment is superfluous and now at last people are beginning to capitulate unconditionally, because the continuation of current methods of power production will rob our youth of any possibility for further existence, and propel them towards a truly grisly future.

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

It seems like the efforts to find the best alternative energy sources are seriously being looked into by lots of countries including most US cities. One proof is the signing of the Kyoto Treaty. The main aim of the concerned group and individuals is to lessen the greenhouse gases and pollutants.

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