Excerpts from Letter No to Josef Brunnader

Written in Linz, 10/8/1957

Please tell those who are harassing you the following: In 1934 I was subjected to an extremely searching investigation when I told Hitler, who had summoned me by telegramme, that today's heat- and pressure-intensifying technology was the greatest self-deceit of all times and that Germany would be finished if the medial structures of earth, water and air continued to be moved techno-academically, i.e. predominantly centrifugally. In this I was confronted by Privy Counsellor Max Planck and other leading lights from the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute to whom I stated the following:

In the medial structures of earth, water and air there are trillions of reduced fossils - minute planetary systems. These science calls atoms and trace-elements. Doctors call them chromosomes, but I collectively term them 'ur-cells'. If their carrier (medium) is moved axially->radially by means of a 'technical' shaft or axle, then the pressure increases by the square of the speed at which heat increases, in other words, by the square of the increase in friction,

This heat-form is the lowest form of so-called electricity, which for example decomposes water. If the products of this dissociation, hydrogen and oxygen, are recombined, then an explosion of oxyhydrogen gas occurs, resulting in a renewed increase in heat. For this very reason progressively intensifying electrolyses are continually produced in exactly the same way - even if barely detectable - as occurs when an electrical current is conducted into water. Water is only the carrier of the above ur-cells wherein the real process of decomposition actually takes place.

In the first place the inhalation, the attraction and insuction of diffuse oxygen is prevented by the increase in pressure. Having a bipolar charge, the ur-cells therefore suffocate, resulting in a reversal of polarity - the so-called Lenard effect5 - at the level of the basic elements. This ultimately leads to the rupture of the cells (miniature explosions) and thus to the total disintegration of the ur-source of reproductive, regenerative and multiplying life-forces. As a result trillions of ur-cells putrefy and ultimately whole rivers and seas become polluted due to the emergence of pathogenic life-forms, all of which has been accurately recorded by numerous researchers.

All pressure-, friction- and heat-increasing machines, pressure-turbines, agricultural implements, etc. made of paramagnetic materials only are therefore atom-smashing devices of the first order. Their effectiveness in this regard intensifies in step with the predominantly axial->radial (centrifugal) increase in rotational velocity. This also explains the nascent resistance to motion in all the above machines, which once again increases by the square of the velocity of the above expansive increase in heat.

On the other hand, if the media and their ur-cells are moved predominantly centripetally in a radial->axial direction, then precisely the opposite effects of pole-reversals (naturalesque Lenard effects) occur. These can be measured exactly and trigger an atomic negative pressure in the vicinity of the ur-cells. Equally capable of accurate measurement, this biological vacuum attracts and in-draws the surrounding stores of oxygen and internally binds (marries) it to the unsaturated nitrogen. The product of this in-spire-ation (ur-procreation) -this emulsion-is a diamagnetic formative and uplifting energy. In other words, it is precisely the opposite product of emulsion achieved by contemporary pressure- and fire-engineers.

In this case the reduction in the above resistance to motion reduces in inverse proportion to the increase in reproductive and upwardly evoluting energies, which occurs when a falling thermal gradient is triggered instead of the heat-increasing degenerative rising temperature-gradient. Please tell your adversaries that they should produce this re-creative (refreshing and enlivening) thermal gradient with the aid of planetary motion, which will

5 The Lenard effect: Hereunder some explanatory quotations:

"Philipp Eduard Anton Lenard (1862-1947) Hungarian-born German Physicist awarded the 1905 Nobel Prize for Physics for his investigations of cosmic rays, during which he showed that the atom is mainly empty space. He also made pioneering studies of the photoelectric effect, showing that cathode rays are generated thereby." — Phaidon Concise Encylopedia of Science and Technology. Lenard spiral: "A small noninductively wound spiral of bismuth wire, mounted between mica plates, that is used to measure magnetic fields. It depends for its operation on the significant increase in the resistance of bismuth under the influence of an orthagonal magnetic field. The change in resistance due to a magnetic field is measured by connecting the spiral to one arm of a Wheatstone bridge." - The New Penguin Dictionary of Electronics.

Lenard's mass absorption law, "The nbsorption of electrons moving with a velocity of at least 1/5 of that of light is determined only by the mass of the absorbing matter traversed and is unaffected by its chemical nature." - The Penguin Dictionary of Physics. — Ed.

automatically put an end to any further discussion about who is right. For in this case the internal frictional resistances amount to only about 10%. This results in a 90% increase in effective power, which in the case of techno-academic mass-motion is dissipated through the cumulative increase in degenerative heat. Therefore nothing could be more stupid than to move planetary systems techno-academically, which increases heat and friction! Is this now clear to you? For with atom-disintegrating devices no further development can be expected, whereas with my atom-transforming machines this is a matter of course. To find out how to make the Ur-works function properly again, please study the Austrian patent application over which I have fought a 6-year battle with the sharpest scrutineers of the Patent Office6. Like their counterparts in other countries, who took an average of 21 years to make their assessment, they were forced to capitulate and grant me the patents.

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