Excerpts from Letter No to Josef Brunnader

Written in Linz, 15 /1 /1958

Your letters and activities always give me a great deal of pleasure. What I cannot understand, however, is that you are trying to teach four professorial assistants from the Technical University in Vienna how to do things better. You overlook the fact that implosion-technology will signal the end of pressure- and fire-technology upon which the existence of these four young academics is founded. These fire-apostles would lose their livelihoods if this self-deceit and betrayal of the public were to be replaced by meta-technology.

Recently I had a very disturbing experience. As you know the blind, deaf and arm-less physicist, Burghard Heim, has been occupied for years with the problem of propelling rockets with light-rays. Not long ago I had a visit from his co-worker, Dipl. Ing. Peter Goslich, an aircraft designer - a very sympathetic and intelligent young man of about 30. For years and very unselfishly he has supported his friend Heim's efforts unpaid and he sought my advice as to whether these efforts could be expected to be successful in the future. I said the same thing to him that I said to Dr. Martin, namely, that light-rays act more and more diffractively and motion-impedingly, the further they are from their source - the closer they approach the Earth.

It is upon this property that growth is actually based. Seen from a natural-esque point of view, this is to be understood as the re-solidification of what is unsuitable or unusable for the purposes of the next, higher and further development. This has to be expelled and is condemned to vegetate further, so that no genetically harmful matter is incorporated in the further evolution of the fit.

These 'fit' entities, which are capable of resurrection, are products of reduction, i.e. earthly remains of former life. Purified by the planetary motion of the Earth, these are forms of emanation - those diamagnetically supercharged earth-rays called 'Od rays'8 - which become bound by geospheric water.

8 Od rays: "Od was a hypothetical force held by Baron von Reichenbach (1788-1869) to pervade all Nature, manifesting itself in persons of sensitive temperament (streaming from their fingertips), and exhibited specially by magnets, crystals, heat, light and chemical action; it has been held to explain the phenomenon of mesmerism and animal magnetism. It forms the second element in chemical derivatives as biod; tin' od ol animal life; cln/niod — chemical od; crystallod — the od of crystallisation; elod — electric od; htliod tha od Oi kha Sun; magnetod — magnetic od; pantod — od in general; selenod or arternod - lunar od, thermod - heat od (Oxford English Dictionary). — Ed.

During these processes of emulsion, water is created as a by-product and under certain preconditions, rises to the highest mountain peaks in order to be able to convey the metaphysical, reproductive and upwardly evoluting energies to the plants by way of diffusion. It is the separation of the carrier of these formative and uplifting energies, which cannot exist without a certain physical corporeality, that supplies the root-tip protoplasms (see fig. 15). These only permit the entry of the highest qualities to the interior of the plant as happens in similar fashion in our own bodies through the diffusion of digested, nutritive ethericities into the bloodstream. In this instance as in the other, the supply of diffuse ethericities of the air takes place, the so-called re-spire-ation of those geospherically super-charged microzymes, which the doctor defines as red blood cells. These smallest concentrates of dynagen interact with the oppositely-charged cells - the so-called white blood cells, Everything in Nature happens indirectly. The product of this ultimate interaction between fundamental elements, is life itself, which arises anew with every intake of breath by way of naturalesque molecular interaction.

However, if the media (the carriers of life) of water and/or air are moved techno-academically - pressure-, friction- and heat-intensifyingly - then precisely the opposite molecular recombination occurs and with it an unnatural process of emulsion. The product of this is a repulsive (regressively developing) de-centrating (dispersing) and therefore a decidedly destructive energy, which becomes bound in the weakest organisms and inaugurates malformed growth, or the loosening or coarsening of the structure. This is more commonly called cancer, or in a narrower sense, 'leukaemia' or 'anaemia', which quickly promotes the decay of the red blood cells - diamagnetically supercharged energy concentrates - to the benefit of the carriers of decomposive energy.

The same thing happens in over-illuminated, shade-demanding timbers and other forms of growth, and above all in the physically first-born - water, which contains trillions of microzymes. Considered from a more universal standpoint, it is in this way that the decay of water, sap and blood is triggered off, whose germs are transferred to the next higher forms of evolution through the consumption of genetically impaired water and food. After this a slight mechanical, physical or psychic stimulating impulse is all that is required to bring the scourge of this techno-academically, developmentally deformed age to an acute state. Therefore any over-illumination or overheating of the blood, sap or blood of the Earth - water, causes the relapse of the same and from this point of view the techno-academic movement of medial entities is the true cause of cancer. Conversely, the 'health stimulators' will be brought to life, if these media are moved or stimulated naturalesquely - planetarily - or in exactly the opposite way to the one promulgated and learnt in all academics, universities, high schools and technical colleges.

Whatever manifests itself - even light - is to be viewed as the waste matter resulting from the purification of the relatively highest quality entities, which never manifest themselves physically. For this reason one cannot make use of what serves to shape the Vegetative for purposes of primordial motion. In a word, in an upward direction a falling thermal gradient prevails (positive temperature-gradient) and in a downward direction a rising thermal gradient predominates (negative temperature-gradient). Hence in conformity with inner natural law, cancerous regression must ensue, if the rising thermal gradient is used to create forces that are supposedly uplifting. Dr Martin makes the same mistake, substituting the primary for the secondary. Hence he is also chasing a phantom although from another point of view he is right.

Electricity, whose lowest form is heat, comes into being when the microzymes of the air, or their carrier, are moved predominantly centrifugally (see dynamo - fig. 37). If this medium is moved in exactly the opposite way, i.e. predominantly centripetally, then diamagnetism comes into being, because in this case the falling thermal gradient is activated.

The true stationary trout can therefore only exist in specifically densified, dia-magnetically supercharged, high-mountain spring-water. With the aid of their 'choanoid'9 gill systems, these fish are able to trigger supplementary magneto-lytic processes of molecular recombination. It is to this phenomenon that they

Microzymes created and atomised through slip-pressure !

Grindstone principle !

Grindstone principle !

rotating soft-iron shaft

Fig. 37: Rotating paramagnet as dynamo rotating soft-iron shaft

Fig. 37: Rotating paramagnet as dynamo

9 Chooanoid: Funnel-shaped. - Ed.

owe their ability not only to overcome the weight of the counter-flowing water effortlessly but also the weight of their own bodies.

The four young pressure- and fire-technologists, however, can only continue to their lives as long as there are madmen, who believe that culture can be built up with a decomposive-energy-producing thermal gradient. They have to chirrup to the same old tunes or go to the dogs. How therefore can you expect any successful outcome to your efforts from such mentally castrateted individuals, where their very existence is in question?

Electricity and magnetism are higher octaves of pressure and suction respectively, and symbolise bipolarity as such. The interplay between these two polarities determines the life and death of what has been imbued by either.

Excerpts from Letter No. 7 to Josef Brunnader

Written in Linz, 1/4/1958

For years the Austrian Patent Office has disputed the novelty of a system of pipes that eliminates pressure, friction and an increase in heat almost entirely. This movement and the simultaneous cooling of medial structures at equally high velocities can be achieved, through which the introduced gases can also be liquefied. Up to now this could only be done with extremely expensive high-pressure (viz. liquid air). The product of such liquefaction - liquid air -is highly explosive.

Precisely the opposite can be achieved through the displacement of the centre of gravity into the axis. In the process a suctional force evolves, whose suction-tip accelerates ahead, producing a cooling effect. For every 1°C (1 .8°F) cooled the volume of the moved mass is reduced by 1/273rd.

The result of this specific densation of medial structures or introduced gases, is a water-like liquid, which functions implosively and generates an atomic negative pressure. This effect can be intensified at will and is also the best and cheapest form of mechanical power. I have called it a 'biological vacuum', which is unknown to science. This utterly new principle for generating mechanical power has therefore remained incomprehensible. It is a principle that serves the build-up of the levitational force, which counteracts gravitation and enables the force of gravity to be overcome naturalesquely.

Since every body loses weight in proportion to the degree to which it is displaced by a specifically densifying medium, it is to this phenomenon that the true stationary trout owes its almost absolute freedom of movemen, and is accelerated forward and upwards like a plum-stone, when squeezed between index finger and thumb. In this manner the weight of the body becomes uninteresting (see fig. 38a).

By inverting Archimedes' law the hitherto unnoticed possibility arises for a body to lose weight as its volume is displaced (reduced). This results in the forward and upward squeezing of a tear-drop-shaped foreign body through the sudden densation (liquefaction of the bipolar gas content) of the medium surrounding it. This is to be contrasted with the specific de-densation (rarefaction) that occurs, when medial structures are moved in a pressure-, heat- and friction-increasing fashion - techno-academically. In this case the medium surrounding the foreign body expands and the body falls through it (see fig. 38b).

From this not only can the effects produced by a rising thermal gradient now be understood, but also why tremendous forces are required to counteract this specific de-densation of the surrounding medium. In other words, counter-forces nearly nine times as strong have to be produced in order to overcome the effects of this erroneous form of motion, which increases the heaviness of a foreign body such as an aeroplane for example.

Letter Body Form

"If the 'surrounding' has the same density as the 'surrounded', then there is neither gravitation nor levitation. If the 'surrounding' is denser than the 'surrounded', then the 'surrounded' must rise."

Walter Schauberger - Implosion Magazine No.35, p. 17.

Fig. 38: The effects of relative densities on motion

On the other hand, when a falling thermal gradient is triggered natural-esquely, under certain preconditions it specifically densities the medium of water or air almost instantaneously and liquefies voluminous gases in the creation of a progressively intensifying negative pressure. This functions in the same way as the above squeeze-pressure on the plum-stone. Thus it also becomes understandable how this new type of aircraft acquires almost total freedom of movement like the true stationary trout, which specifically densifies the falling water.

Of necessity, therefore, either this techno-academic method of moving medial structures must be prohibited or, through the specific rarefaction of the various media, the hapless victims of this abysmal stupidity will inevitably perish.

From Implosion Magazine, No. 82, written in Linz, 4th February 1958. Dear Mr R,

Thank you for your two letters and enclosures. You conceive the matter to be much simpler than it actually is. Above all, you overlook the fact that it concerns the whole of contemporary, technological science, which believes it can correct Nature and without exception exploits a rising energy gradient. In so doing, it triggers reversed processes of molecular transformation and fosters the build-up of decomposive energies, instead of generating the reproductive and ennobling products of emulsion.

The culmination of this tragic, abortive development was the fissile atomic energy of Einstein.

Thirty eight years ago as I was building the first log-flume and mixed and moved the water in such manner as to trigger a falling thermal gradient, I had no inkling that this was the initial stage in the build-up of a concentrating form of atomic energy. Acting purely intuitively I proceeded further along this course. In 1921 I built the first suction-turbine to provide and light my remote forest-homestead with electricity.10 With it I achieved an almost ninefold increase in output. This I deemed to be the most natural thing in the world and once again took the next further step. I utilised this falling thermal gradient for the purposes of re-converting polluted water into noble water -akin to that of high-altitude springs. This water exhibited remarkable healing properties that nobody was able to explain. As time went by I took out over 70 patents, but not being much of a businessman, I was unable to exploit them

10 See Jet Turbine Patent (No. 117749) in The Water Wizard, Vol. I of the Ecotechnology series, p. 206. - Ed.

commercially. Eventually the doctors and pharmacists became aware of these mysterious healing successes. Just as they did Priessnitz and Kneipp, they accused me of charlatanry and one day the Austrian State Police appeared and confiscated my apparatus.

I then went to Nuremberg, where a laboratory had been placed at my disposal. There I discovered that what I was actually concerned with were emanations with different functions. There are pure rays, which animate and enliven. There are also types of rays that debilitate, and lastly there are indifferent rays, which serve to build up or decompose water (see fig. 23 & figs. 2-3). The first are released from so-called microzymes when water moves under a falling thermal gradient. The second are activated when water moves under a rising thermal gradient, whereas the former build up the corporeal elements, which bind one thing with another.

From that moment I recognised the erroneous form of motion employed by the whole of science and exposed it for what it was. On doing so, I stumbled into a veritable hornet's nest and began to feel the full force of the omnipotence of my scientific adversaries. I was challenged to provide proof. Whenever I did this, I was robbed to such an extent that there was no other course was open to me other than to remain silent once more. In the February issue of 'Weltgewissen' you will be able to read that these devices, which the Austrian State Police took from me, are now being manufactured in Germany with enormous success. This has happened to me twelve times. Every time I had something fabricated, all I was given were the leftovers, while the best part was retained and exploited commercially by others. Or the apparatus was never made public (see the suction-turbine), although I had paid all the agreed development costs myself. Subsequently such large sums were demanded of me, which lay far beyond my capacity to pay, and the machines I was struggling to build were withheld as security against payment.

I then began to work covertly and in this way succeeded in producing workable machines. I then first became aware of what I had discovered, namely higher-grade atomic energies. At this stage "Demonstrate it!", "Prove it!", "Let it be examined!" was and is always demanded. If I concur, then all is lost. If I do not, however, then I am a fraud. 'M' requested that I show the gadget to him and some of his friends and that I hand over the patents to the VSB, otherwise he would cancel the public demonstration. "Do it then !", I replied. Whereupon he withdrew his threats.

Then along came a major German industrialist with his scientific advisors. He investigated the process and found it in order. Statements were made expressing readiness to proceed with fabrication and cost evaluation and then, yes, then one will just have to wait and see. All they are, are empty promises, never kept. Now representatives of the U.S. government have announced themselves. They too want to see and evaluate everything first, and then, only then will it be considered what might be done. I requested a provisional agreement, which would only come into force once I proved that I could achieve significantly increased output. This was rejected. First see, then negotiate and the outcome was always the same. Professors also want first to see, evaluate and then, aye and then take over.

My dear Mr R, I have now reached the point where they can all kiss the place where my spinal column terminates. I am old and seriously ill. My only concern now is for all the poor children, who are faced with a grisly future. If I reveal everything, it will only be hushed up, because it not only involves the whole scientific establishment, but also the doctrines of the church. All power-politics will collapse once the truth emerges that science is the actual causative agent of cancer.

I have no need of the VSB, neither as curiosity seekers, nor even as those hungry for business. I know that lot only too well ! This is how the matter stands, my dear Mr R. I intend to return to the forest once more, there to die in peace. The whole of science and all its hangers-on, are nothing but a band of thieves, who are suspended like marionettes and must dance to whatever tune their well-camouflaged slave-masters deem necessary. In this situation only a frightful catastrophe may perhaps bring about order. In the achievement of such generalised order at least 90% of humanity will fall victim. They will perish because of water and blood decomposition (cancer). The final victory will be achieved by the Russians, who are closer to Nature and who, according to the Pfalzer Tageblatt of the 14th January 1957, are nearest to the overcoming of gravity. This, however, will only be understood by the West when it is already too late.

You, Mr R, are still young and will live to see this. I know it, but can do nothing to change it myself. Please don't attempt to persuade me otherwise. In order to put their remains to the best use, pigs and human beings are only weighed after they are dead. One day in the near future, you will hear that this old turnip is no more.

Kindest regards, Viktor Schauberger.

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Solar Panel Basics

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