Excerpts from Letter No to Josef Brunnader

Written in Linz 20 /10 /1956

Thank you for your letter of the 18th and many thanks too for the wine you sent me for my 71st birthday. I was not able to thank you earlier, because I had lost your address.

What I already foretold 30 years ago has now come to pass. If humanity does not come to its senses at this final hour, then the very next generation will have to dig for water as hitherto has been dug for gold. The same applies to the realm of energy resources. After a 6-year battle for Patents, the officials at the Patent Office have finally had to give in. Meanwhile I have built the 4th model of the suction-turbine (see fig. 34) and have developed the air-turbine (see fig. 35) to the extent that in principle no further basic development work is necessary.

On the whole I can state after 40 years of research that modern science, founded on precepts and principles going back as far as Moses, was either a tragic error or a deliberate falsification in order to keep the broad mass of humanity in a state of virtual ignorance, for only the stupid or unconditionally dependent are easily governed.

I have now reached the point where with the aid of a falling - regenerative -thermal gradient, I can achieve a nine-fold increase in performance compared to equivalent conventional mechanical systems. The latter make use of a rising - degenerative - thermal gradient exclusively, thereby reaping a resistance to motion, which increases by the square of the velocity at which the above temperature rises.

Fig. 35: Possible air-turbine design

If the process is reversed - centripetal forces predominate instead of centrifugal - then per kilocalorie and second about 5.7 hp in additional output is obtained, because in this case the calorific elements inhering in the media of water and air - so-called 'chromosomes'4 - are transformed into mechanical power, or in the former case into reactive resistances to motion. And herein lies the error of modern science through which all humanity will be systematically eliminated. If things are carried out unnaturally therefore back to front, then in accordance with inner natural law no advance is possible, but only cancerous regression.

It is the evolutionally older, the rising generation, who will have to pay for the consequences of the fatal misconception of a science founded on rigid, morbid logic. They will never perceive the error, however, because it will only take effect indirectly in the 2nd or 3rd links in Nature's biological chain.

I have often been reproached for not having made implosion technology freely available. Many believe that I know much, but cannot implement what I know practically. In this assumption they err. The reason for my withholding this information goes far deeper. I am convinced that today's leaders of humanity are not stupid enough to have failed to understand how medial masses should be accelerated in order to inhibit the build-up of heat and pressure and hence resistance to motion, which are the obvious result of the expansion of the unnaturally and inversely moved mass.

Without doubt, therefore, there is a definite intention to teach young people upside down methods of working with which they have to mis-earn their daily bread. That is to say, instead of moving forwards, they go backwards all the more rapidly in step with the improvements in the contrary methods of motion. For only thus can today's teaching principles flourish.

Were I to make the naturalesque system of mass motion known prematurely and with it a naturalesque and economic (development-enhancing) modus operandi, then the first to get hold of this implosion principle would be those who have no interest whatsoever in any improved social conditions. They would either be held to total ridicule for their hitherto contrary practices, or they would be recognised by their victims as those to blame for this complete economic collapse and therefore punished. In such case, precautionary measures would be taken to ensure that my discovery once again disappeared without trace.

There is only one thing that can be done and that is to explain everything to the victims of this self-deceit or general deception for as long as it takes until

4 Chromosomes: Since the 'calorific elements' consist of substances whose interaction produces heat, i.e. carbone (female) and oxygen (male), the characteristics of homologous chromosomes seems most likely to be what is intended here; These are defined as: "Chromosomes having the same structural features. In diploid nuclei, pairs of homologous chromosomes can be identified at the start of meiosis. One member of each pair comes from the female parent and the other from the male. Homologous chromosomes have the same pattern of genes along the chromosome but the nature of the genes may differ." Meiosis: A type of cell division that gives rise to four reproductive cells (gametes) each with half the chromosome number of the parent cell." — Concise Science Dictionary, Oxford University Press, 1984. — Ed.

they recognise the vast differences that exist between a rising, degenerative thermal gradient and a falling regenerative one. The first serves the build-up of decomposive energies; the second the build-up of formative and levi-tational atomic forces. It is actually via the agency of counter-polarities, which so regulate the differences in potential, that an increase or decrease in temperature results.

The success or failure of any effective endeavour depends on the possibility of regulating the temperature or thermal gradient. For if with the aid of a falling thermal gradient, 1 kcal is transformed into mechanical power in 1 second, then about 5.7 hp in additional power is obtained from the store of so-called 'chromosomes' contained in the above media.

On the other hand, if a medial mass is moved techno-academically so as to increase pressure and heat, then decentrating reactive energies are released from these dynagen concentrates and act as resistances to motion.

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