Excerpts from Letter No to Josef Brunnader

Written in Linz, 5/10/1957

Recently some Englishmen came to visit me in order to make a closer study of the natural production of life-force that arises through the agency of the digestive process. In principle, this build-up of force, which serves to overcome physical and mental heaviness, is the same force that causes the Earth to float in space and provides for its perpetual motion about its diamagnetic longitudinal axis. If the planetary motion of the Earth, water or air is copied, then the build-up of levitational forces proceeds correctly. This form of motion is also exploited by all types of blood and sap. The ancients called it the 'Eternal Flow' (panta Rhei), the eternal, cycloid-spiral-space-curve circulation, which is a circular motion within a circle,.

The ur-sources of energy are those energy-concentrates that modern science calls atoms, trace-elements or chromosomes. Viewed biologically and according to their state of being, these are to be understood as the reduced remains of former manifestations of life of all kinds and are also in suspension (float) in water and air in their trillions. According to the type of motion, these are transformed either into pathogenic or apathogenic life-forms, which collectively are encompassed in the concepts of 'life-affirming' or 'life-negating' forces. The fertilisation of these indifferent - neutrally disposed - ur-cells is engendered by the Sun.

In terms of the production of mechanical force from a biological standpoint, what is important about this primordial metabolic process - the 'Eternal Flow'

6 See description of Austrian Patent No. 196680, p. 105 and "Processes and Equipment for the Conveyance of Liquid, Gaseous or Aeriform Media", p. 107 of this book. - Ed.

- is whether predominantly dia-magnetically or di-electrically supercharged concentrates of dynagen become free and active. This reconstitution of inorganic (reduced) residues of former life into reproductive and upwardly evolving repositories of energy is akin to the manner in which the digestion of undecayed food - fresh cadavers - proceeds. This is not only a process of cold combustion, but also one in which the normal build-up of life-force occurs, which is also diamagnetically super-charged and serves to overcome our own physical and mental ponderousness.

The important factor in this mechanical production of power is whether the media (carrier substances) containing the inorganic sources of energy - the 'ur-cells' - are made to move predominantly planetarily or anti-planetarily. By this is meant techno-academically and therefore pressure-, friction- and heat-intensifyingly. Nature moves the above ur-sources of all life planetarily thereby attaining the 'Golden Middle Way' - a sine-like curve that propagates itself as a (3-dimensional) wave. It is produced when centrifugence and centripe-tence mutually amplify one another. Under such conditions the above 'Eternal Flow of Evolution' is able to take place naturalesquely, because in this process the relatively highest velocity is produced. This is akin to the high speed attained by a skier, when making stem turns during the descent. Through such tangential impulses, the centrifugence appearing in all motion is continually redirected into the straightest possible direction of travel (see fig. 36). Thus the development of the force here in question is brought about in accordance with the equation - mass x velocity2 = energy.

This is like a river, which makes similar stem turns along its meandering course. Its natural developmental path, however, the modern river-engineer truncates, steepens and shortens, thus achieving the opposite effect - excess pressure. This results in a loss of suspended (nutritive) sediment, because it weakens the suctional force. Through the negative pressure associated with this force the provisions for the river's journey - the small particles of

The tangential impulses of the stem-turns of skiers and bends in rivers during descent assist in their straight, forward acceleration.

Fig. 36: The accelerating stem turns of a skier sediment - are atomised with virtually no application of heat. This is because in the advancing tip of the suction-vortex swirling about its own axis, the relatively strongest centripetal forces prevail, which act to bore out the path in front of it.

If any given flow - a flow of electrical current for example - is natural-esquely regulated, then the so-called 'Ohms Law'7 no longer applies, because such a flow inwinds almost without any generation of heat (super-conductors) and follows the almost loss-less path of the 'Golden Middle Way'. If such a current flow - water for example - is braked by the resistance from the inclined blade of a pressure-turbine, whose angle of attack can be varied to maximise the effect of centrifugal force, then the resistance to flow increases by the square of the expansive increase in heat thus arising. This occurs precisely because the braking blade is made of paramagnetic alloys. In this case dielectric, decomposive energies evolve from the aforementioned trace-elements (ur-cells). These ur-cells are suspended in their trillions in water and air and await the motive in-pulse in order to transform themselves into an octave higher, 4th or 5th dimensional implosive force, which is nevertheless of corpuscular nature. In this instance the levitational, formative and up-suctional, atomic force develops, which the medium accumulates and elevates in order to conduct these reproductive and evolutionally uplifting atomic energies into the interior of the plants by way of diffusion. Through the subsequent interaction of these energies with atmospheric influences, precisely that product of emulsion comes into being, which also endows plants with increased driving force or growth energies.

However, if instead of negative pressure, positive pressure prevails through the implementation of light-induced growth (the exposure of heat-sensitive, shade-loving trees to light and heat), then the structure becomes enlarged due to the abnormally high di-electric forces. Spongy heart-wood and hence genetically defective - red- and white-rot ridden wood - wood cancer is the biological and hence obvious sequel, because heat is the lowest form of the electrical decomposive force.

The same mistake is made throughout the whole chain of evolution through the disturbance of the 'Eternal Flow'. It is therefore really and truly no wonder that the whole process of growth and development will fall victim to cancerous regression, if any medium is moved unnaturalesquely - techno-academically = pressure-, friction- and heat- intensifyingly. This insane form of massmotion is therefore the true instigator of cancer, because it is itself the seed of

7 Ohm's law: "The statement due to G. S. Ohm in 1827 that the electrical potential difference across a conductor is proportional to the current flowing through it, the constant proportionality being known as the resistance of the conductor. It holds well for most materials and objects, including solutions provided that the passage of the current does not heal the conductor, but electron tubes and semiconductor devices show a much more complicated behaviour." - Phaidon Concise Encylopedia of Science and Technology. — Ed.

decay. This seed is then transferred to all more highly evolved forms of life through the consumption of contaminated water, food and polluted air. Here too, therefore, all that is needed is an additional mechanical, physical or mental (di-electric) motive or stimulating impulse to raise the scourge of this abortive techno-academic age to an acute condition.

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