Letter to Dr W Busselberg

From Implosion Magazine, No. 71, written in Nuremberg 18-24/11/1937. Dear Dr Busselberg,

In the periodical TAU you will see the treatise on water resources management.4 Your desire for further articles I am unable to satisfy, because these writings have been suppressed everywhere. I have only one copy of each, and in any case they are all in Vienna.

The publication or the manuscripts concerning the decomposition of drinking water, domestic water, blood, and the cause of cancer are so alarming that it is unwise to speak of them here in Germany. The whole secret of all scourges is to be ascribed to over-oxygenated water - water that has been treated with chlorine, quartz lamps, or subjected to oligodynamic processes. When combined with anodic substances (artificial fertilisers), such water produces bacteria in a very short time. I have furnished doctors with evidence and set down the necessary interrelations in writing, because nobody has dared to publish the true causes, otherwise almost all drinking water supply-pipes would have to be rebuilt. Equally inevitable would be the prohibition of the fertiliser industry by law. In other areas of industry drastic changes will also have to take place. For this reason there will hardly be any possibility to discuss this openly in the foreseeable future. My discoveries are so far-reaching, that everybody would be reduced to a state of terror. I have therefore no other choice, but to bide my time and continue my research eventually to be able to provide information and advice, when those in authority no longer see any other way out. In my estimation this moment will already come early next year. I am ready at any time to furnish free information, proofs and means of assistance to competent persons. Naturally in doing so I cannot afford any large outlays, because as a foreigner I have none or only a few marks to my name. These are just sufficient to allow me to finish the work I started here. In any event, I have to acknowledge that it takes a lot of courage to listen to what I have to say. When I find such individuals, then it will be possible to provide effective assistance. If not, then there will be much vexation.

At the moment I am building an apparatus with which I will demonstrate the processes of growth and in particular, the enormous importance of the

4 See series of articles on river engineering written by Viktor Schauberger for 'DieWasserwirtschaft', the Austrian Journal of Hydrology, which appear in The Water Wizard, Vol. I of the Ecotechnology series. — Ed.

growth-zones in the Earth. Moreover, I will provide proof that the cause of all cancerous diseases is due to the direct influences of atmospheric oxygen. Atmospheric organisms can only obtain oxygen by way of diffusion (indirectly by passing through another medium), otherwise pressure, combustion, inflammation of the tissues, blood-, water- or sap-decomposition ensues. Bacteria are only of secondary importance. Every type of blood, water and sap has its own individual bacteria. In Nature there are indeed similarities, but no identicalities, for in Nature there is no state of equilibrium.

Water is not H2O, but the first substance arising from the harmonious interaction between plus and minus (quantity and quality). The ur-cause of natural motion is the interchange of substance (metabolism). Whoever causes substance to move without taking the metabolism into account will also have to accept the associated resistances to motion. A motion triggered through metabolic processes is natural and therefore resistance-less. Here too we stand before an upheaval with technological ramifications. The associated proofs, apparatuses, etc. are now complete. Present practices in land, forest, water and energy resources management are absolutely wrong. Germany stands before a catastrophe in the foreseeable future, because the water is disappearing and the groundwater is sinking. Atmospheric water has nothing whatever to do with geospheric water. The scarcity of rainwater is not the reason for the disappearance of springwater, because the latter is produced through geospheric metabolic processes.

You must apply all your influence to this, for it concerns the fate of Germany. I stand completely behind my assertions and can prove all that is stated above. I honestly mean what I say and have the best of intentions. I know Nature and her secrets, more perhaps than any other person alive.

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