Letter to Werner Zimmermann

From Spec. Ed. Mensch und Technik, Vol. 2, 1993, section 2.0. (4th February 1936 -extract)

Apart from the 'production of petrol from water', the exploitation of which we will be discussing later, I have stumbled on something which perhaps will change the whole of technology and commerce from the ground up. On the 22nd of January (1936) I was granted a patent (No. 145,141) for an air-turbine (a breathing machine) (see fig. 19). The principle of this vacuum-turbine consists in the fact that an artificial thunderstorm, or hightension electrical charge develops in a capillary tube and a double-spiral pipe in which electromagnets have been incorporated, which transforms the substances of the air into electrical energies. These discharge into the sidewalls and from there, through diffusion, are ducted away downwards as heat. Through the transmutation of aeriform matter into energies, a self-intensifying physical vacuum is created in an upward direction and through the recurrent development of a heat gradient in a downward direction, a powerful upcurrent of air evolves, which after a few minutes intensifies to cyclonic force. Because the air-pressure in an upward direction can be progressively reduced in this extremely simple way, the counterflow of air can be raised to over 200 kph (124 mph), producing about 10,000 brake horsepower on the inclined surfaces of the propeller (turbine).

This opens the way to the development of fuel-less, silently moving aircraft, because the physical vacuum evolving inside the machine at the forward end creates an airless space immediately in front of the machine into which the machine itself is drawn. Through the appropriate adjustment of the internal system of lungs or gills, the intensity of this suction can be varied. In this way the motive force and the speed of the apparatus can be increased as desired, because the repulsing reverse-thrusting piston-like columns of air are themselves the fuel. Once this fuel has been decomposed analytically, it triggers the physical counter-current through which the suctional forces arise.

With this invention I have finally achieved what I have been striving for these last 20 years, namely to make the use of coal, oil and hydro-power no longer viable. These substances are predestined for the production of food Their increasing extraction from the organism of the Earth will inevitably lead to problems of food supply, because the constantly rising world population increasingly robs the Earth of those substances that support life. Since no combustion processes are involved, the aeriform substances transformed in the machine create very high-grade nitrogenous material, which increases the vitality and germinating capacity of the vegetation. Thus I have struck a blow against the technologists, who utilise the substances required for food production to create motion by means of hot combustion and hence bring the natural processes of growth to a complete standstill.

Air-masses super-saturated with oxygen will become the sole fuel of the future. This will reduce the mechanical and physical air pressure on the Earth and even in low-lying areas, mountain air-conditions conducive to increasing the vegetation will prevail and at the same time tropical changes of climate will eventuate, which will counteract the coming ice-age. These machines will completely change the whole of the world economy and make wars, etc. unnecessary, because a superfluity of vegetable matter will automatically arise. Of necessity this will have to be consumed, if the creation of excess negative energies, as happens today, and therefore the development of elemental catastrophes are to be avoided. In this way charity and tolerance will become the dictates of reason, because the increasing turnover will be transformed into prosperity. That is to say, that love of one's neighbour, which cannot be instilled with threats of hell and damnation, will become established in this way and indeed will actually become an object of speculation for humanity.

I am now working feverishly on the completion of this highly simple and cheap breathing-machine and I hope to be able to show you the finished work at the end of the month. Then your work begins, namely the work of the Sermon on the Mount, the call to reason, whose purpose is the turning inside out of contemporary economics and falsities. It is fate that has brought us together. I reiterate emphatically that you can rely on me 100%, because I am in a position to furnish you with material that will make the whole world sit up and take notice and will create such a stir, that people will come to you from all corners of the Earth once you begin to preach. It is my job to research to seek and to unveil. Your job is to speak and explain and in this way your circle of business acquaintances will become what it should be; the focus of power that spreads like a wave and envelopes whatever is still possessed of a spark of reason.

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