Re The Air Turbine Austrian Patent No

Excerpt from The Discovery of Levitational Force, Salzburg, 1949, Implosion No. 115, pp 36-37

With high frequencies, which can be regulated as desired, this patented device produces an almost absolute void (vacuum), causing air to move at such high velocities per unit of time that any desired power can be obtained by means of a propeller-like resistance to motion.

This patent is founded on the discovery that constant pressure or suction, whether generated by mechanical or physical means is immaterial, triggers a resistance that increases by the square of the velocity generated by either of them. This happens for the simple reason that under abnormally high pressure, for example, the state of aggregation (not to be confused with the natural variation in developmental states) of air is transformed instantaneously into water, and under strong suctional velocity, water into air. In the first case, by way of a reactive intensification, an almost absolute vacuum (or more properly, an almost 100% air-less vacuity) is created. In the second case, a counter-pressure of such magnitude evolves, that any further attempt to achieve a greater reactive reduction in volume would be futile.

The above patent (No. 145141 - 15th March 1935), however, has long been superceded and is therefore only of historic interest, because incomparably more powerful reactive forces can be generated, which increase performance

1 See how is a bird able to become temporarily independent of the ground ?' on p. 14 of The Fertile Earth, Vol.

III of the Ecotechnology series. - Ed instead of reducing it. In the case of the above patent, if this process is merely reversed, then the following happens:

The so-called oxygen of the air is combusted by two periodically pulsing electric (therefore decomposive) flame-arcs. This creates an exhaust gas, which can only be extracted by strong centrifugal pressure.

To this end a very specially constructed egg-shape is required, which rotates at high speed.

This particularly shaped and alloyed egg-form contains an equally specially shaped and alloyed system of curves, which only produces a reaction in the exhaust gases, but not in the renewed inflow of oxygen or any small quantities of combustible gases or liquids.

In this way an expulsion of exhaust gas occurs, whose velocity can be effortlessly increased to 10,000 m/sec (32,800 ft/sec). The velocity of this exhaust emission is inhibited by the full-throttle velocity, which can be raised by the square of the exhaust velocity easily and cheaply.

The interposed brake-propeller transforms these powerful suctional velocities into useful power that can be regulated and increased at will. Modern science on the other hand uses this braking-propeller for forward propulsion, despite the fact that its use produces pressure- and heat-intensifying and therefore reversed reactions - and is thus a resistance-triggering device.2

This fact should put an end to today's science (technology, hydraulics and dynamics), which without exception triggers the reversed force that produces braking reactions.

For this reason it can no longer be claimed that annihilating fire and the temperatures, etc. arising from this epicentre of destruction are still necessary, if a process was researched and put in place that enables the ur-generation of the highest-grade forces of pressure and suction that exist on this planet, which like the energised effects of urge and yearning, function at the speed of thought.

This process, which involves the natural acceleration of mass without combustion or heat, is therefore not founded on fire.

2 "As best demonstrated by Nature in the case of the aerofoil maple-seed, today's propeller is a pressure-screw and therefore a braking screw, whose purpose is to allow the heavy maple-seed to fall parachute-like slowly towards the ground and to be carried away sideways by the wind in the process. No bird has such a whirling thing on its head, nor a fish on its tail. Only man made use of this natural brake-screw for forward propulsion. As the propeller rotates, so does the resistance rise by the square of the rotational velocity. This is also a sign that this supposed propulsive device is unnaturally constructed and therefore out of place." Viktor Schauberger, Implosion Magazine, No. 112, p. 52. — Ed.

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