Mensch und Technik - naturgemass

Originally Kosmische Evolution or Cosmic Evolution, the German periodical, Mensch und Technik - naturgemass (Humanity & Technology - in accordance with Nature), is funded by private subscription and published by the Gruppe der Neuen, or the New Group, whose aim was to explore Viktor Schauberger's theories and to interpret them scientifically. Volume 2,1993, is devoted entirely to the recently discovered (early 1990's) transcript of a notebook compiled in 1941 by a Swiss, Arnold Hohl, which not only reports on his visits to Viktor Schauberger in 1936 and 1937. It is from this volume that some of the passages in this book are obtained.

Implosion Magazine

Implosion is a quarterly magazine, funded by private subscription and generally oriented towards the lay reader. It was originally published by Aloys Kokaly from about 1958 and now runs to 127 issues. Kokaly also founded the Verein zur Forderung der Biotechnik e.V. (Association for the Advancement of Biotechnology) specifically for the research and evaluation of Viktor's theories and through Implosion to provide a platform for Viktor Schauberger's various writings, of which Kokaly had many originals due to his close association with Viktor Schauberger during World War II and the immediately post-war period.

The Schauberger Archives

Forming the greater part of Viktor Schauberger's estate, these are the private archives of the Schauberger family and the PKS (Pythagoras-Kepler-School) at Lauffen, near Bad Ischl in Upper Austria.

Other Sources

Personal letters from Viktor Schauberger to various individuals. Editor's Note

Device identification: The proper identification of Viktor Schauberger's various machines is somewhat problematic, different names being used for the same or similar machine. On occasion in Viktor's writings reference is made to an accompanying sketch. Regrettably in most cases this is missing, which has made accurate description of the device in question very difficult, the editor having to rely on other descriptions to aid in identification. In general, however, the discussion revolves around the function of four types of machine, namely the Air-turbine, the Repulsator, the Klimator and the Repulsine. As far as it has been possible reasonably to ascertain its proper attribution, all the data relating to each has been assembled under the relevant heading. Despite the confusion that may arise from the appearance of the same name in different chapters, it is to be hoped that in perusing the diagrams and studying the text, the reader will not only obtain a general understanding of the way these various machines function, but also many insights into what elements and shapes should be incorporated into future designs for machines based on implosion dynamics.

Repetitions: In the original German certain passages overlapped and therefore as far as possible avoidable repetition has been removed. However, some passages still remain which the reader may find repetitive. After much deliberation, the editor decided to leave them virtually untouched as there was no way to remove them without disadvantageously affecting the coherence and detailed comprehension of the theme under discussion.

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