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The naturalesque Mr-generation of power, heat and light

Biotechnisches Versuchsinstitut (i.Gr.), Oct. 1946 - from Implosion Magazine, No. 116, pp 37-45.

The no longer mysterious secret of the naturalesque generation of power, heat, cold and light lies hidden in the substance that today's technologists combust, from which the so-called 'calories' arise, and which understandably disappear when we drive our machines with Nature's principal formative substance (fatty-matter), or use it for heating or for generating low-grade light.

Derived from the ancient Greek word 'technao', technology means 'self-cheating' or 'self-deception'. Actually it ought to be called 'stupidity', because all we have to do is merely to move what actually 'moves, heats and illuminates' naturalesquely in order to be able to set every kind of machine in motion 'originally' or to produce heat and light naturalesquely.

For this reason the ancient Greeks also rejected 'technology' in any form. Instead they captured slaves so as to have the more demeaning and demanding tasks carried out by these natural machines, which run on metaphysical fatty-matter.

In order to eat today the wretched slaves scramble for work, burrowing into the earth for coal, felling the forests and extracting oil from the ground, in order, so they believe, to alleviate their lot, but achieve precisely the opposite. More and more people have to work and the more diligently they slave away, the more keenly the hunger they will have to experience, because without coal, timber and oil no growth of vegetation is possible. In other words, there will be an increasing dearth of all that is most vital to life, if by the sweat of our brows we inhibit the build-up of quality matter and exploit Nature's most important formative substance - fatty-matter - for every possible and impossible purpose, i.e. to drive machines and for ridiculous methods of lighting and heating: All this in the belief that these earthly residues of fatty-matter would in any case be reduced to dust and ashes if left in the ground, and therefore it does not matter whether we make soap or something else out of them, or merely combust them.

Today this is totally unnecessary. Naturally there will be a hue and cry from all the well-camouflaged slave-masters, who earn fat sums through those they lead around by the nose, once the bio-technical secret is revealed and the mentally castrated work-oxen are shown the way to move this mysterious fatty-matter naturalesquely. This will provoke an upheaval of a kind that humanity has never yet experienced, because mechanical power, heal and light will be as good as free. In the future no intelligent person will operate machines or even generate heat and light with Nature's principal working material, but will make the actual 'mover and Life re-awakener' move bio-technically.

To learn this art it is necessary above all to explain two fundamental concepts. Firstly, what actually is 'substance' and secondly what actually is 'motion' ? From a naturalesque viewpoint, the term 'substance' is to be envisaged as a more or less highly developed energy-concentrate; a lattice of atoms, as it were, or as the word 'lattice' implies, a sort of prison, in which Nature's principal formative substance - the fatty-matter in the process of change and formation - also resides in an allotropic (naturally congealed or condensed) state. This only awaits the naturalesque motive impulse in order to be elevated to a 'freely moving' atomic state, which happens all the more rapidly, the faster this energy-concentrate in a latent transitional state is rotated in inwinding space-spiral-curves about its own axis by means of so-called venal-motion. Immediately thereafter, what has come into being in this way is moved further in so-called arterial-motion in order to distribute what has been 'freely formed' by way of naturalesque rhythmical motion through the surrounding body (the soil) in order to bring it to life.

With this the secret of biotechnical motion stands revealed and all that remains is to explain the mysterious machine with which it is possible to ur-generate the 'originally moving and resuscitating', i.e. a higher-grade potential. With its use all machines can be powered and our homes heated and illuminated independently. Moreover, all growth - which is none other than the natural solidification of energy-concentrates - can be stimulated and increased as well as qualitatively improved. In short, our every wish can be fulfilled with very little effort.

Naturally all this will be described as Utopian, as the product of a deranged mind intent on creating all kinds of confusion amidst the present economic chaos caused by the insanity of combusting Nature's most vital primary substances. Consequently, great concern for the continuing supply of fatty-matter will inevitably arise; a substance that nowadays not only every housewife lacks5, but one that is also lacking in the form of what might be called 'cerebral lubricant'. For it is from the brain that all healthy thoughts arise, and above all the idea of doing things in accordance with Nature in the future; something the director of an institute for commodity studies naturally cannot immediately appreciate. Therefore a number of other things must be explained in greater detail in order to make it clear to the various ministers of government departments as well. This is necessary so as to enable an increased production of commodities and above all a faster growth of calories, which under the present circumstances are not only being increasingly wasted, but ultimately would go to waste entirely were such individuals not

5 This relates to the severe food shortages and rationing in Austria in the immediate post-war period.

to be enlightened by an outsider. That is, were the fundamental concepts of 'biotechnology' not explained in a generally understandable way.

Under the concept 'motion' we have to visualise a rhythmical combination of pressure and suction, wherein it is of crucial importance whether pressure or suction predominates. If the former prevails, then a decadent potential or expressed more scientifically, an oxidation, takes place, which should generally be understood as a highly combustive process that inhibits development.

In contrast, if suction prevails during a naturalesque course of motion, then a reduction process occurs, which is here to be generally understood as the aforesaid higher-grade transformation of an already high-grade material into spirit, or expressed more scientifically, into the above form of higher-grade potential. Naturally, this is also the source of higher-grade temperature and light phenomena, which as development-furthering instrumentalities, foster the development of naturalesque motive forces, high-grade heat and cold as well as light.

In this formative process il primo movere, the initial motive impulse, also plays a decisive role. If any motion is actuated by a pressure-induced axial->radial (see fig. 14) impulse and pressure prevails, then the decadent form of potential results, because in this case the atom lattice ruptures due to the release of its content of unipolar and highly aggressive allotropic oxygen. In other words, when the oxygen has attained the energetic state that enables it to encircle the fatty-matter (carbone). The latter having become passive and coincident (internally collapsed) under this lower-grade heat influence, the oxygen loops around it in spiral-space-curves, and engulfs, consumes and digests it.

The offspring of this outbirth of decadent energies are lower-grade temperatures, i.e. rising heat-forms and falling cold-forms, which foster the decay process. Subsequently, with the aid of these solidifying cold-forms, the relape into the earth of what has missed its way on evolution's upward path ensues.

However, if a motion is initiated by a radial->axial impulse, i.e. if the initiating upward suction and inward impulsion are triggered simultaneously, then firstly the atom lattice of basic elements is disassembled naturalesquely, because under this centripetal motion it is only the oxygen that reacts and contracts into itself. Secondly, due to the developing coolness that occurs with all sucking action, the fatty-matter (carbones), which become free, unipolar and highly active then encircles the oxygen, also loops around it in inwinding spiral curves, and engulfs and digests it. The product of this metabolic process is the higher-grade potential, which immediately gives rise to higher-grade temperature-forms, i.e. falling and concentrating heat-forms and rising and expanding invigorative cold-forms. These combine the highest-grade elements into a new atom lattice and propel the product of this high-grade synthesis, which already has a desire to rise, into even higher zones of evolvement.

To restate the process briefly: axial->radial ex-pulsion results in ex-plosion, decay and combustion. Ira-pulsion, or a radial->axial impetus results in im-plosion, ennoblement and autonomous upward displacement (levitation). In this case reactive suctional forces operate first during the ascent and are then reinforced by supplementary reactive forces. This is how physical weight is overcome naturalesquely, during which process the already higher-grade energetic ballasting elements are precipitated out and manifest themselves as falling and concentrating heat-forms.

If this formative process is copied naturalesquely in a so-called Klimator (see figs. 27 and 28), which is suspended from the ceiling and moved bio-centrifugally then a falling and concentrating heat-form is produced with which the living space can be naturalesquely heated in winter.

If these invigorative cold-forms with their rising and expanding properties are introduced into an evacuated glass bulb, then the energy-concentrates, which in any case move exceptionally rapidly, exceed their highest velocity in this resistance-less space. In the process they eject high-grade ballast material which interacts with the residual oxygen still present in an extremely rarefied state. The product of this renewed union is atmospheric space-light, naturalesquely copied sunlight as it were. This evolves and lights up the vacuum bulb when the bulb, which has no other connections apart from the earth-wire, is merely earthed. All that is required therefore is to connect the earth-wire in order to make the living space as bright as day. To extinguish this natural light, which is of course temperatureless, the earth-wire is simply disconnected.

If virtually free mechanical power is required, then the above higher-grade heating effects merely need to be switched off, thus converting them into formative and levitative invigorative forms (cold-forms). This immediately reactivates the ' ur-powerfully-waxing' buoyant motion, which here should be envisaged as a bio-magnetic up-current (a synthesising current). With elemental force arising from an energy gradient that evolves along a common developmental axis, this up-current sucks up the generating device in its wake, i.e. it effortlessly overcomes its own weight. Aircraft, submarines or heavy projectiles can be propelled like lightning in this way at negligible cost. In stationary machines on the other hand, which must be well anchored to the ground, the indrawn air will be almost instantaneously decomposed, transformed and built up as described earlier by passing through a curviform pipe. The concurrently coincident water, i.e. the discharged and inwardly collapsed medium, will be expelled at the same time, resulting in the ur-generation of a high-grade high-quality space - the 'organic' vacuum. This is the opposite of atmospheric air pressure and is the best and cheapest attractional force to be found anywhere on this planet. It is also the 'space' that produces ray-like forms which penetrate through all enclosures and stream upwards.

If a communicating pipe is interposed between this naturalesquely evacuated highly potent vacuity imbued with qualigens and the outer pressure of atmospheric space, and if a propeller or turbine is installed inside it, then the external atmospheric pressure exerts a force of 1 atm/cm2 on the inclined blades of the propeller (turbine).

Since any desired volume of air can be reduced (transformed into formations of qualigen) in a fraction of a second with a naturalesquely constructed Repulsine (see figs. 30-33), for which at most a driving force of 0.8 kW is required, the levitative torque-producing force generated, or more correctly ur-generated, in this way is as good as free. For here, with increasing velocity due to the upward activation of the above bio-synthesising torque-producing force, the Repulsine's power increases by the square of the ur-generative motion. This is to be compared with the increase in the resistance to motion in all 'technical' machines, where understandably, due to the reversed direction of motion the forces of recoil increase in the same ratio as described above.

That is to say, today's technology strives to move forwards with forces that operate backwards. Logically what has been achieved is not only a reversal of motion, but also of the economy; an economic decline resulting from the mechanical build-up of decadent repulsive pressures, which naturally have a decadent or destructive effect economically. Consequently, the economy will become increasingly unhealthy, the more widespread and intensive such technology, this self-deception becomes, or to put it mildly, the more the abysmal stupidity of generating decadent energies mechanically takes effect.

This tragic aberration was inaugurated by the foolish belief that the progress of evolution comes to a halt when the life-functions are apparently extinguished and that the so-called soul escapes after the cessation of vital activity. In reality the true resurrection only begins after the proper decomposition of an atom lattice (fatty-matter concentrate) that has fallen back into the earth with the aid of and because of the cycloid-space-curve motion of the Earth itself, which provides the radial->axial im-pulse. In contrast, all 'technical' machines, i.e. all dynamos, turbines, pressure pumps, propellers, explosion and steam driven engines, all furnaces, gas and electric heating appliances, all soil-tilling and harvesting machinery, etc. provide a developmentally harmful ex-pulse to initiate motion. Because of this and without exception, the atom lattice thus moved ruptures, resulting in the disintegration of the molecular (bacteriophagous) formations in suspension. In unnaturally moved air or water decadent stresses appear, causing the decay of the decivise energy-concentrates (as a graphic example, see hydraulic river regulation and torrent confinement6). This leads to the build-up of decadent potential and the decomposition of the blood of the Earth, and thus to a total economic collapse along the whole course of development.

6 See sections on river engineering in The Water Wizard, Vol. I of the Ecotechnology series. — Ed.

The possibility of ur-generating virtually free mechanical power, heat, cold and temperature-less light, however, is only the first step towards cultural (economic) reconstruction. For with venal-motion, it goes without saying that the highest quality blood of the Earth - water containing exceptionally potent substances - can be produced by mechanical means. With this water not only can reactive expansive pressures be generated and all petroleum fuels, etc. replaced, but all cancerous decay can also be healed naturally, which would revolutionise medicine, i.e. put it back on the right track.

In a word, the naturalesque movement of any given medium and the atom lattice it contains, signifies a social reconstruction in every sense, because all slave-labour will cease with the restoration of natural abundance and freedom of movement. Everyone will be free and independent, and healthy once more in mind and body. This will happen for the sole reason that any given atom lattice - like the body of a dead animal or plant - can be transformed and built up with the aid of venal-motion, whereupon the subtle physical energies - the so-called life-forces - then come into being, which through this revitalising process move our bodies originally (autonomously).

Precisely the same thing happens at a large scale if we transform and build up bacteriophagous threshold structures (minute molecular atom lattices of water or air) mechanically through venal-motion, and thereafter distribute these specifically densified higher-grade energy-concentrates where required by way of arterial-motion. This will reimbue the surrounding body or geosphere - the macro atom lattice - with life and restore its inner vibration. We have only to intensify this formative oscillating motion in order to stimulate the macro-climate or higher-grade potential out of which displacement, namely physical movement, reproduction and further development, arises as the biological sequel to a naturalesque motive impulse.

With this I place thelever or the fulcrum that lies beyond space and time in the hands of humanity, which will enable the normalisation of those evolutive processes whose normal motion has been dislocated and in this way the standard of living can be simply and fundamentally improved along the whole chain of development. Only when this is done can reconstruction finally begin in a truly natural way. In this regard all institutes for commodity studies and research are outdated and for this reason the Visamontana Biotechnical Research Institute Ltd7 has been registered with the chamber of commerce.

It is in the close interest of those who play a leading role in government to enable this research institute to come into operation quickly, because all the preconditions now exist for implementing these formative atomic energies

7 The name 'Schauberger' can be broken down into two concepts — "Schau" = look/see and "berger" = of the mountain. Hence the Latin-derived name Visa (look/see) + montana (mountain) = Visamontana. — Ed.

practically. This will put an end to the present world-wide shortages of raw materials, food, fuel and germinating substances, which had to happen because the workings of evolution were subverted and put into reverse gear through the reversal of the naturalesque motive impulse.

There can be no doubting what has been stated, because it is founded on indisputable practical results. It is contemporary science that erred and which, on the basis of various inventions, took the wrong evolutionary road. Science must now be shown another way by an outsider, and if not of its own free will, will be forced to do so by the mass of the people deprived of their most primitive rights to life.

To err is human. It would be inhuman, however, now to delay and arrest this fresh start for the sake of scientific prestige or other interests. For in the present situation the life of millions upon millions of people, already hungry and freezing, is at stake.

For this reason all this will be presented to the competent authorities and once more emphasised that the economy cannot move forward in reverse gear. Therefore everything must be switched around all along the line.

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