The Artificial Production of Springwater

From Spec. Ed. Mensch und Technik, Vol. 2,1993, section 7.3.

As forester and huntsman I was often able to observe how sick and severely wounded animals sought out certain herbs and immersed their wounds in very particular kinds of water. Ultimately it dawned on me that very mysterious powers dwell in water and so I began to seek them. Not only did I find these remarkable forces, but I also found the means to incorporate them into water at will. To begin with I tried the product on myself, later giving this naturally activated water to a number of others to drink. Over time there were hundreds of people suffering from all imaginable afflictions, who were restored to health. I gave this ennobled water to all of them to drink, which tasted far better than the Vienna mountain-springwater.

I have small devices in my possession with which I can determine the quality of water. The ennobled water flows through rifled pipes without touching the sides, i.e. it falls through the middle and lands on cone-shaped, metallic bodies placed below the pipes. Wires are arranged around the outer periphery, which are cross-connected. They become charged with the animalistic currents emanating from the water and conduct them to an electroscope (see fig. 23 & figs. 1->3).: One litre of water has to pass through this apparatus about 150 times before the flapping of the electroscope's foils weakens. Neon tubes glow with a rich, dark red initially, only to become brighter and brighter until the water begins to die and the light finally flickers and goes out. Consequently we imbibe hundreds of thousands of volts when we drink this healthy water, which can in no way be differentiated from a high-grade mountain-springwater. It was in this way that I discovered how to transform stale stream-water, rainwater or distilled water into high-quality drinking water.

The process is very simple. A little light, a little darkness, a little heat and a little cold, rhythmically sequenced, is enough to charge the vilest water with high quality as it flows through the mutators, a process that could also perhaps be described as 'ionisation'. To this I add the elements that chemical analysis has shown to be deficient, but which are present in all springwater and therefore the waters of any given spring, even the most famous spa-waters, can easily be emulated just as Nature does it. In this regard a cubic metre of water (35.315 ft3) only costs about 10-12 Austrian grosschen and the apparatus itself about 100 schillings if mass-produced. Therefore anyone can install their own spa or mountain spring in their attic at very little cost.

The essential nature of this concerns the achievement of an absolute solution and the freeing of the energies concentrated in the metals and minerals by means of a cold process of combustion. By virtue of this, all substances are dissolved, or expressed more accurately, fall out of the mother-stone or mother-metal in the form of freed energies, which can be incorporated into the water without undergoing any change. To achieve this, the water must be brought down to a temperature of +4°C (+39.2°F) in darkness, which takes place in interconnected mixing vessels through indirect oxygen pressures. The added salts are of such minimal quantity that it is inconceivable to anyone that effects of such a kind can be produced. An essential aspect in this regard are the solutions of the metallic substances, which are accumulated in the water and thus in the simplest way these contrasting metals are

1 This also relates to the effects of Lord Kelvin's influence machine ca. 1880. - Ed.

Water Charge Experiment

Schematic Arrangement of the Nuremberg Water-Jet Experiment- 1938

This was set up to determine the charge in falling water as well as water quality. Charges of 15,000 - 20,000 volts were produced.

Fig. 23

transferred to the organism, without which there are no electromagnetic life-processes.

Every acid contains dissolved metal. Through the intake of over-insolated water, the heavy long-rays enter the water in excessive measure and the light short-rays are missing.2 This leads to symptoms of inflammation, because the supply of the inflammation-inhibiting calcareous3 elements is prevented by present methods of water treatment. The consequences of these deficiencies are intermediate growth-processes of purely morphological nature which, exposed to the effects of pressure, produce large capillary diameters. Symptoms of fatigue then follow as a result of undernourishment. With an

2 Heavy long-rays = long-wave infrared radiation: light short-rays = short-wave ultraviolet radiation — Ed.

3 Calcareous: contataining or resembling alcium carbonate. — Collins English Dictionary. — Ed.

over-abundance of sodium emanations, these give rise to animating phenomena on the one hand and symptoms of decay on the other.

In later consequence these processes of ur-generation cause the cancerous decay of the tissues, because the calcareous basic elements are missing, which as mentioned earlier, are precisely those which as a result of vacuum-like phenomena, enable the maintenance of cool blood. The best evidence for this we find in shade-demanding timbers over-exposed to light, which as a result of the intrusions of modern forestry, leads to organic disturbances and to cancerous symptoms of decay in the high forest, as is also the case with humans and animals. The same thing we find in all other species of vegetation, where the same symptoms can be detected everywhere.

In consort with technologists, our doctors have overlooked the fact that fertilising substances come from above and that the substances to be fertilised come from below. Energy is released at the point of intersection of both ray-pathways, which generates cold light or what we call life.

My aim was to obtain the energy-rays only by their release from the various energy-concentrations (elements) and to precipitate the leached waste matter. In this very simple way I succeeded in binding only the noblest substances in the water and in sparing the human body the function of a sludge-sack. The first logical result was the purging of the organism, because the highly active water even dissolves crystalline accretions and flushes them from the body. The second logical outcome was the high-grade organic transformation of emanations and therewith the synthesis of those high-grade thoughts with which all other natural processes can be comprehended.

The main point, however, is that no high-quality ideas can emerge from a messy sludge-sack and therefore it is no wonder that humanity is not only putrefying healthwise, but also morally. Mutilation of the mind is a further logical result of contemporary deductive methods and even here too, outsiders must dare to venture in order to make the specialists and experts aware of ur-simple, natural phenomena. No process is of one-sided nature. All progress also involves wastage. The waste material produced by the formulation of thoughts are seeds. Therefore with their present view of life, people will not only become mentally impotent, but sexually impotent too.

Through the combined action of certain interdependencies, organic effects can be induced in the body. Very recently I dissolved the dynagens contained in purest rock crystal and then accumulated the freed radiant energies in the water. In this way I managed to produce ur-proteins or life-kindling vitamins. Our food should be viewed as bio-electrical energy. The consumption of water in which many solar-vitamins of reactive nature have been incorporated, creates pleasant symptoms of fatigue, followed by a freeing of mental powers and a certain carefreeness coupled with a rising sense of responsibility. It is necessary, however, to differentiate between calcareous and sodium-containing foodstuffs. The binding of ur-substances in water brings about a harmonious state of equilibrium in every organism.

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