The Atom Transforming Machine

From Spec. Ed. Mensch unci Technik, Vol. 2,1993, sections 7.7.7-7.7.10 7.7.7 Notes from 15th July 1936

Today we began to assemble the atom-transforming machine. Tomorrow or the day after it will run for the first time. Simple and true, that is the impression one gets when observing it. Unfortunately, in its present state we cannot make the upper part of the machine fully operational. The danger is too great.

1 cannot risk the lives of my co-workers. Fully operational, the machine must be remote-controlled, for either a violent thunderstorm or a cyclone will develop; If the organic H discharges itself downwards, then there is a short-circuit - a thunderstorm, whereas an upward discharge of H produces the celestial electromagnet, which is actuated at about 40,000 milli-amps, and with it the charging up of the celestial Plus + Minus, i.e. the cyclone. The physicist Renault produced a short-circuit, which incinerated him and his colleague in a matter of seconds2. Perish the thought that it should first ignite

2 There follow some short extracts pertinent to the above. Here is an interesting extract from one of Schauberger's writings (TAU 145, page 18), concerning the extraction of energy from water: — Ed. "...and thus I succeeded not only in producing petrol-like explosive aqueous substances and the most noble high springwa-ter from dirty water, but also in recreating an invention, which the well-known physicist Gerard Renault had apparently made in his day (1926), and to which he and his assistant fell victim at the Paris Academy because he failed to recognise the enormous energies latent in water and in the air."

T he following extract from the periodical Der Weg (7/11/1946,1st year, no 48, p. 12) gives a fuller indication of what Renault was working with:

The French physicist Gerard Renault had already occupied himself with the problem of obtaining electricity from the air. In his laboratory in Grenoble he worked night and day on his invention and even the scant information that emerged publicly created a sensation in scientific circles. One day a machine stood in his workshop which was held to be a wonder. Day after day its wheels turned without any observer being able to determine whence the driving force originated. Neither steam, nor combustion gases, nor electrical motive forces could be detected. The machine stood on its base, completely insulated from the ground, and ran independently like a perpetuum mobile. For a while Renault enjoyed the general wonderment, and then one day he said, "This machine is in fact driven by electricity, but with electricity from the air! I have solved the problem. With its practical application, in a few years we shall achieve a paradise on Earth." The French Academy requested Renault to come to Paris so that he could demonstrate his invention there. The inventor agreed, hastening to the capital with his assistant, setting up his machine in the experiment theatre. Just before the beginning of the demonstration, he wanted to explain how it worked. His assistant was present. Suddenly there was a tremendous explosion, flames shot out of the doors and windows, and once the fire brigade had succeeded in extinguishing the fire, the machine was a heap of wreckage. Renault and his assistant died in the explosion. They took their secret with them to the grave.

on the transverse axis! It entirely depends on where the H discharges. On the transverse or vertical axis? This determines the stronger pole, for here too a bipolarity is involved.

7.7.2: Notes from 24th July 1936

In terms of their actual manufacture the machine's components have not been properly fabricated and now, unfortunately, I have to have the whole work carried out again completely, because I cannot achieve the required revolutions. The first trial demonstrated an important law, namely that the Sun's rays decrease in capacity with an increase in heat. This gives rise to the possibility of producing cold light or cold fire artificially and in further consequence, the absolute cure of cancerous diseases.

Through the organic arrangement of the cathode and anode systems, I achieve planetary motion in the machine by adjusting the potential angle of +4°C (+39.2°F), whereby either light - the primary ur-structure, or motion - the primary ur-dematerialisation, is initiated. If I set cold light and warm motion in a harmonic rhythm, then I obtain a growing motion, or the living force of the Almighty.

So-called short-wave radiation is none other than hard unprocessed un-demodulated radiant energy, which can be generated to any intensity with the organic machine. From this arises the mutation, the inversion of the creation-of-motion, that is, the waxing motion-of-creation or free energy. For this reason I require an initial inward-moving force in order to set the machine in dynamic motion. Once the required revolutions per minute have been reached, then the warm motion begins to grow.

If this waxing mass-motion in the double-spiral pipe is now slowly cooled, then absolute dematerialisation is achieved; that is, pure heat or cold energy and with it the separation of the Ur. This H is the organic polarity or the earthly motive impulse, which as a result of the relaxation of its inner tension now displaces itself and streams upwards. On its way to the pole, this negative impulse sucks the aeriform substances towards itself, thereby producing a vertical vacuum or a cyclone in the air.

7.7.3: Notes from 25th July 1936

This week I checked over the machine, which intentionally or unintentionally had many faulty components. I will have nothing more to do with engineers in the future. In the final analysis they are dishonest and stupid.

7.7.4: Notes from 27th July 1936

It is done! At last I have achieved planetary motion! Wanted to smash the machine to smithereens. Inside it everything happened contrary to my expectations. Burning candles showed me the way in which the dematerialis-ing substances operate. Window-sill - smooth surface - the Moon's motion. Now all has been solved!

I have a very heavy week behind me. It seems as though Nature refuses to reveal her final secret of bio-motion to me. Everything was other than I had imagined. Something was always missing and I really began to doubt. What was missing were the functions of the moon and cold light. A brain-wave! It was almost a dispensation of Providence that placed the solution to the puzzle in my hands. Two flies at one blow! 1. Cold light. 2. The axial motion of the moon.

With this machine, which can do almost anything, it would be a simple matter to create my own monopoly and peddle both heat and cold-producing devices, thereby raising funds for further research in other fields. The secret of this machine lies in the mirror-image inversion of what today is held to be true. Because of these misconceptions neither the economics, nor the results add up. In the sacred waters lie the eternal forces of the Earth and the air. One grows out of the other and the boundary conditions of these 'Three' are: the overcoming of gravity and the densation of life into matter - the creation-of-motion and the motion-of-creation.

7.7.5 : Notes from 1st of August 1936

I am now able to construct the organism of this machine in such a way that it ceases to function the very moment it is opened up. In exactly the same way that a living body ceases pulsating when the heart is opened, my machine also stops functioning if an inquisitive person wishes to examine it anatomically.

7.7.6 : Notes from 11th of August 1936

This machine is a tool with which it is possible to ennoble solids, liquids and gases to such an extent that the end-product exhibits a manifold increase in quality and dynamic capacity. The principle has been copied from Nature, wherein decomposition (analysis) - (creation-of-motion) - and synthesis -(motion-of-creation) - take place by way of bio-dynamic movement. If air is decomposed, for example, then a high-grade ethereal product is created, which can no longer maintain its station in the atmosphere, but streams ipwards at high speed. The uprising gas absorbs the surrounding aeriform substances and in this fashion, a vertically moving vacuum evolves, or a cyclonic flow.

The decomposition of fresh water or seawater produces the same effect, and the upward streaming hydrogen gas can either be made to flow through suitable carbones or precious metals and minerals, whereby in the first instance a petroleum-like substance is created and in the second, depending on the absorptive mass, a more or less high-grade fuel-water is produced. The petrol-like substance can be made combustible or incombustible. In the latter case we are concerned with a nitro-glycerine-like substance, which can be dosed as desired. The nature of this substance may be similar to the so-called 'Greek Fire'3. The raising of the liquid and the cooling to +4°C (+39.2°F) results spontaneously from the decomposive process and the ethereal structure of the product of decomposition.

7.7.7 : Notes from 13th of August 1936

After 20 years of effort, I have arrived at the almost absolute 'nothing', namely the near-absolute 'vacuum'. A vacuum-machine is a machine that is specifically designed to function with planetary motion and only requires an impulse in order to run for as long as the machine's organic components are capable of life or movement. A drive-motor is not absolutely essential, because the initial impulse can be given with the hand or by means of foot-pedals. The whole secret lies in the organic creation-of-motion and motion-of-creation, through which the bi-polar development evolves spontaneously, namely the dematerialisation of the material and the overcoming of gravity on the one hand and the densation of matter and physical growth on the other.

7.7.8 : Notes from 14th of August 1936

I stand face to face with the apparent 'void', the compression of dematerialisation that we are wont to call a 'vacuum'. I can now see that we are able to create anything we wish for ourselves out of this 'nothing'. The agent is water, the blood of the Earth and the most universal organism.

3 Greek fire: 1: A Byzantine weapon employed in naval warfare from 672 or 673 AD. It consisted of a mixture, usually shot from tubes, that caught fire when wetted. 2: any of several other inflammable mixtures used in ancient and medieval warfare." — Collins English Dictionary.

Greek fire: A combustible, highly ignitable composition for setting fire to an enemy's ships, also known as St Elmo's fire, elixir vitae or composant fire. Oxford English Dictionary. — Ed.

St. Elmo's Fire: Aluminous region that sometimes appears around church Bpires, the masts of ships, etc. It is a corona discharge in the air caused by atmospheric electricity - also called 'corposant fire'. -

Collins English Dictionary.

7.7.9 : An eye-witness report:

Gretl Schneider relates: "Mr Viktor Schauberger has demonstrated the machine to me. The previous huge construction is no more. It has been reduced to half its former size and in operation develops enormous power. I poured a jar of water into the bottom of it. The machine produced an almost inaudible sound and then a 'pfft' in the same instant and the water pierced right through a 4 cm (1 1/2 in.) thick concrete slab and a 4 mm (5/32 in.) thick super-hardened steel plate with such force that the water-particles, invisible to the eye due to their high velocity, penetrated right through all clothing and were experienced as lightning needle-pricks on the skin. Waterglass was also pressed through and solidified in 5 cm (2 in.) long hairs on the outside of the casing, like bristles."

7.7.10 : Report of Arnold Hold's visit, 14th-17th August 1936 (Arnold Hohl)

Dismantled machine: The overall concept is remarkably interesting. Like a Vesuvius made of gold and silver with several craters disposed around the point, about 20 cm (8 in.) in diameter. Conspicuously heavy, all made of metal.

"And it floats in the air", said VS, even though it rotates at about 3,000 rpm. Reflecting the internal vacuum system, the outer casing is like a Roman water-pitcher (amphora) made of silver-plated brass. "In the whole machine there is no straight line and no circle", reiterated VS.

Vacuum and pressure so great that the finest water-vapour could exit through slots (at 1 cm (3/8 in.) centres). It even forces waterglass through, which hangs down outside in long threads. The finest water-vapour, only detectable with a mirror. Nickel-plated hub with movable metal pipes in which a series of butterfly wings were riveted in a spiral configuration. Placing one's ear to it, one heard a seashell-like sound. No electric drive, but only hand or foot-pedals are necessary. The motive impulse has to be repeated periodically. The machine must be taken apart in order to seal it more effectively4 and to examine the material. Within 5 minutes the forged casting was heavily rusted as though it had lain in water for 14 days. Temperatures vary from +4°C to +800°C (+39.2°F - +1,472°F): Rpm from 6,000 to 30,000.

O = oxygen = pressural force - separation actuates centripetal force.

H = hydrogen = suctional force - combination actuates centrifugal force.

O = transverse potential = electricity.

H = longitudinal potential = magnetism.

If a very fine tube is placed beneath an egg to be incubated by a chicken, which allows air to flow through to the egg, then the hen sits on it for only

4 It even broke a mercury seal.—Ed.

3-4 days and then pushes it aside. She then takes a new one, and so on, because in this way no chicken (foetus) can develop. That is the secret of the needle-jet.

Cut the grass early in the morning only, because something very exceptional is associated with the scythe's cut. The grass, or rather the haulm is a small tube or a minute orifice. Because it is made of iron, the scythe attracts atmospheric oxygen and releases hydrogen in the process of cutting.

The hydrogen, however, seals the orifice instantaneously so that the grass neither bleeds to death nor transpires and the roots are not deprived of energy. Whoever mows in sunlight, destroys the roots and with time the field becomes barren.

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