The Formation and Composition of Riverwater

A reply by Viktor Schauberger to a newspaper report - Implosion Magazine, No. 84.

I thank you for your last letter and enclosures, which interested me particularly, because this is the fourth instance of rivers flowing uphill. These cases cannot be explained purely mechanically. In the Tatra mountains of Czechoslovakia there is a river, which over a distance of about 15 km (9.3 miles), overcomes a reverse-gradient of 64 metres (210 ft). These phenomena are painstakingly kept secret, because it is feared that an exhaustive analysis of them would bring about the collapse of the Law of Gravity. These statements are closely related to my own discoveries, which can be exploited practically and perhaps will change contemporary technology completely. Tackled correctly, power will cost virtually nothing. Science made a gross error in defining water with the chemical formula H20. Should there be any formula for water at all, it should look like this:

Water is the most ideal accumulator and transformer in which the direction of movement alone determines whether magnetic or electric currents are produced. These are of organic origin and decompose either air and water, so that the three primary elements hydrogen H, carbon C and oxygen O are released. Under the appropriate arrangements C and O combine to become organic electricity. The freed H streams upwards at great speed and, through a double-spiral motion (a secondary spiral flow about a primary spiral path), attracts to itself the difference-matter (variously potentiated elements) of the air, resulting in the recreation of water and air.

If the vortical current streaming upwards in a specially constructed tube is braked against a propeller, then at a rate of 4,000 litres (141.25 ft3) of air per second, which rise at a velocity of 200 kmh (124 mph), this produces an active force on the shaft amounting to 996 hp. To analyse 4,000 litres of air only 3 -4 hp are required, so that the above 996 hp represent free, usable energy. This kinetic principle is founded on thermo-electric processes that we can observe in Nature in the formation of cyclones, storms, etc. These implosive processes can be simulated artificially and enable tremendous energies to be unleashed in the smallest machines, when organic catalysts, similar to those in the lungs and gills, are agitated and which dissociate either water or air into its basic constituents. The dissociated H is the attracting magnet for the surrounding air-masses, which in the process become so condensed, that inside the machine the potential pressure of the air falls by over 100 mm (4 in.), provoking a powerful influx of the air-masses lying immediately in front of the air-intake, which in turn creates a zone of rarefaction into which the machine is impelled. This actually represents the discovery of the silent and fuel-less aircraft, which correctly simulates the flight of birds organically.

Our work here progresses only slowly, because the people are heavily overworked and we have been waiting for the components for months. We are here concerned with a machine, which should deliver 1,000 hp, requiring a driving force of only 4 hp to do so.

What you have represented as a phenomenon in your newspaper report will be a self-evident phenomenon once this machine has been built, because with it one can lift water to any height without effort and almost without any input of power.

The Hindenburg accident in those days is to be attributed to similar processes of dissociation, or more precisely, to synthetic reversed metamorphoses. The crash of the American airship, the Akron, which was filled with helium, is equally attributable to short circuits. With hydrogen, fire is created, and with a filling of helium - water. The analogous counterpart to the helium synthesis we find in the natural formation of rain.

One day it would be very interesting to clear up the question, whether humanity consciously or unconsciously lost these simple processes of Nature. In my opinion, it happened unwittingly, because in earlier times people had no conception of analytical or synthetical processes and 50 years ago the science of radiation physics was virtually unknown.

It is beyond doubt, however, that the Atlanteans possessed silent aircraft (vimanas). It is at any rate possible that at the time the priesthood preserved the secrets of catalysis, which in the course of time were simply lost. I arrived at the whole affair through observations of the motionless trout in torrential currents and through the accurate observation of bird-flight, which without physical exertion takes place entirely through processes of diffusion1. I am convinced that we now stand before an upheaval, which will fundamentally change all realms of knowledge and belief, for in my opinion the discovery of the way to produce an abundance of food will provide the basis for all manner of political development. This abundance first has to be lost with the continuing development of our present technology, because it is only in this way that humanity will bring about its own ruin through its own handiwork and come to realise the stupidity of its activities.

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